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Complete List of Halloween Makeup Ideas (60+ Images)

June 22, 2016

Halloween Makeup Ideas

There are so many of Halloween makeup ideas you can choose for this upcoming party. It is better to take your time on deciding which one you are going to use. You should put some things as your consideration such as your availability, time of preparation, and resources. If you have childhood trauma with some characters like clown, it is better to not use that kind of idea as your costume.

Try to use simpler Halloween makeup ideas if you have tight schedule, it is still better to have simple costume then messed up ones. Make sure to arrange your time well and have a fun Halloween night! Bellow we share 50+ different Halloween makeup ideas & 60+ outstanding pictures.

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1. Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is coming and this is the time to put on your Halloween makeup scary to scare your neighborhood. You can be anything you want in this funny night. Although the day was originally meant to celebrate the return of the dead, but nowadays, it’s been converted into a funny celebration where people put up their favorite costume and roam around the neighborhood for sweets.

You can literally put any costumes you want, but for some people, it will be funnier to put on Halloween makeup scary as their preference. You don’t have to stick to that scary element, but it is better to have a scary element in your costume.

Scary Halloween MakeupImage By Mcostume

2. DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

It is good to have nice costumes for Halloween, but if you feel that the cost is too much, you can use Halloween makeup DIY instead. There are a lot of ideas all over the internet to help you go through the Halloween party, and there are even some ideas that only needs a little preparation!

Find yourself a simple, but intriguing makeup ideas, and try to put them on to see if you will be scary enough for the night. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your friends and families. Try this Halloween makeup DIY and you will be surprised with the result.

DIY Halloween MakeupImage By Shannon O’Brien

3. Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

There are lots of ideas people can use for this upcoming Halloween party, and you don’t need to be shocked if someone decides to put on pretty Halloween makeup. Basically, there is no limit to costumes you want to put for Halloween, and sometimes being pretty can be combined with a bit of scary elements.

There are actually some people who looks scary even in pretty makeup, and it is way better than crappy Halloween costumes with random theme. If you want to put on pretty Halloween makeup, you are welcome to try. Do your best and surprise everyone in the spooky night!

Pretty Halloween MakeupImage By Chrisspy

4. Halloween Black Makeup Ideas

You can choose any themes as your Halloween party costume, it could be certain monsters, urban legends, ghosts, or even colors, and the most popular one is Halloween makeup black. Needless to say that black is the dominant color of spooky and scary theme, and it is the perfect choice of color if you are going to Halloween party.

You can just use a big piece of black cloth combined with some pretty scary makeup. Or you can use some face paint to make yourself looks pretty scary with lots of black color! Whatever your idea for Halloween makeup black, make sure to put your best effort!

Halloween Black MakeupImage By John Farrar

5. Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is open to anybody who wants to celebrate, but sometimes, there are people who are not good at doing makeup. But still, you can participate in this funny celebration with easy halloween makeup ideas. It is good to have an amazing makeup on your face, but if you can’t really depend on your makeup skills, then a simpler ones will do.

You can try to find easy halloween makeup ideas on the internet, there are tons of them. You can even surprise yourself with some ideas that really don’t need much effort. Try to find one that suits your skills, and this upcoming halloween party would be fun!

Easy Halloween Makeup IdeasImage By Mayra’s Touch of Glam

6. Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas

The use of makeups in halloween parties are inevitable, some decide to be a funny character, some decide to be some kind of monster, and some just nailed it with creepy halloween makeup. Basically, you can be anything you want in this celebration, and if being creepy is what you want, why not?

There a huge loads of creepy halloween makeup ideas, it is just some are pretty difficult to be done with amateurs. Try to use face paint to give different aura on your face, this will surely bring a nice impact on your appearance. Try your best to do your own makeups, and this halloween would surely be fun!

Creepy Halloween Makeup ideas women bloody tears scaryImage By KatOsu

7. Halloween Zombie Makeup Ideas

Some people think that you can be anything in halloween but some people like to stick into the idea that a halloween costumes of makeups should be scary. It is not as easy as it sounds to make a scary appearance, but your can take several ideas from the popular movie in your channel, let’s say one of them is halloween makeup zombie.

Basically you will need to appear and act like zombies. It is pretty easy to become on, though. You just need some face paints and tattered clothes to begin. Out on your halloween makeup zombie and scare the neighborhood!

Zombie Makeup IdeasImage By Mr Costumes

8. Halloween Disney Makeup Ideas

If you have children at home, then you should choose your halloween costume theme wisely. Being overly scary could cause a mental trauma for your children and you wouldn’t want that. There is a good idea to celebrate halloween with your children, and that is disney halloween makeup.

Which child wouldn’t know about disney? Some of them may look scary, but not enough to scare them at bedtime. Therefore, this is a good idea to use for celebrating halloween at home. Just look for references on the internet and start picking your disney character for your halloween party, a little touch of makeups on your face, and you are ready to go!

disney halloween makeup ideasImage By Guide Super Eva

9. Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween needs a lot of preparation, including preparing your children in their best appearance. A halloween costume doesn’t need to be scary at certain, level, basically, you must not look like your regular self. Sometimes, the best idea for children is cute halloween makeup. Yes, they won’t be a scary monster or ghosts from urban legend, instead, they can be a cute fairy from the folklores and tales!

It is good to see children have the creativity to celebrate in their own preference and style, therefore, if they want to put on cute halloween makeup, you should try your best and encourage them. Lets celebrate halloween together!

cute makeup ideas for halloweenImage By Imgur

10. Vampire Halloween Makeup Ideas

You can use any ideas for your Halloween costumes, one of the most popular ideas is Halloween Makeup Vampire. Basically, this is one of the simple makeup ideas for halloween. You just need to put on face powder or something similar to make your face looks pale, and then you can put on fake fangs and a dark cape, there you go, a vampire makeup!

If you don’t have enough time to prepare extravagant costumes, this will be a great idea to celebrate together with your family. You can start by finding the fake fangs and cape with dark colors. Don’t forget to make yourself look noble! Happy Halloween!

vampire makeup ideas for halloweenImage By Tumblr

11. Halloween Makeup Ideas For Men

Halloween is a celebration for everybody, and there are so many ideas to use as your Halloween costume theme. If you are finding difficulties for the idea of your costume, you can use simple makeups and not necessarily an extravagant costume. It maybe is important for a child to be able to prepare an awesome Halloween costume, but you can just use Halloween makeup men.

You can find lots of ideas how to celebrate with Halloween makeup men. They need a little preparation, yet you will still able to celebrate with confidence. You don’t need to worry about thorough preparations from now on. Just put some Halloween makeup men on and you are good to go!

Zombie halloween makeup diy ideas for menImage By Popeyee

12. Mermaid Halloween Makeup Ideas

Among all those ideas for Halloween costumes, your child might ask you to provide mermaid Halloween makeup. Well, this kind of makeup might need hours of preparation depending on how much details would you want from the costume. It is important for your child to know that depending on the complexity, they might find difficulties to walk around and join the other kids.

Although mermaid Halloween makeup has its own disadvantages, you have to provide support for their ideas. Allowing them to be creative will improve their personality and intelligence a lot and that is what every parents want. Just let their inspiration grow and happy Halloween !

mermaid makeup ideas halloweenImage By Dayna Mariexo

13. Deer Halloween Makeup Ideas

It is funny to see children in their own Halloween costume ideas, some of them might prefer to have deer Halloween makeup as their theme. It is all right, you can be anything for your children’s Halloween costume, and as long as it is nicely done, who wouldn’t want them to not participate? Besides its simple preparation, you might expect to find less people dressing in similar costume like your children than any other.

If your children are happy to celebrate, you should be too! After all, they will need your support and help through the preparation. And don’t worry, if you teach them well enough, next year they will be able to do a little preparation by themselves, and it will be easier for you.

deer makeup for halloweenImage By Shourei

14. Halloween Creative Makeup Ideas

You might have started to get bored with your costumes, and you are looking for creative Halloween makeup ideas. It is true that repetition might make someone bored, even if it is once a year! You can start to use your imagination to create new Halloween costumes idea, and start applying them on your own. Your creativity might bring you into a new trend of Halloween costumes and you will be proud of it.

You can start by sorting out the most common ideas used by people in every Halloween and bring up the rare ones. If you dare enough, you can combine the existing ideas to create something new like vampire-hulk or ghost mummy, and you will be surprised how well it goes down!

Creative Halloween Makeup IdeasImage By Labrinthia

15. Animal Halloween Makeup Ideas

Ghosts and monsters are not necessarily the main preference for Halloween costume theme, in fact, many children wants an animal Halloween makeup as their theme. It is funny to see how children choose their theme and their look when they finally have their desired makeup on. It is important to have them learning about expressing their ideas, this will help them a lot in the future.

You might need to rent certain costume that represents the animal that’s chosen as their theme, and not only that, you might have to put a little animal Halloween makeup on their face. Make sure they have a great time and you will also be happy for them. Have a nice Halloween !

animal halloween makeup ideasImage By Svetlana

16. Halloween Makeup Ideas For Kids

None is happier than kids when it comes to celebrating Halloween nights, they got candies from neighborhood as they walk around with fellow kids with fancy costumes. Therefore, you should be able to provide Halloween makeup kids for your children. They should be expecting fancy makeup and costumes to celebrate Halloween , and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them.

There are a lot of ideas you can come up with Halloween makeup kids, you can choose any cartoon characters up to urban legends. And surely your kids would like it a lot. Make sure to make them as closely as their imagination so that they will be happy and able to enjoy the night to the fullest!

kids halloween makeup ideasImage By

17. Eyes Halloween Makeup Ideas

The most important part of being scary is the eyes, so, if you want to look pretty scary in your Halloween costume, make sure you have your Halloween makeup eyes. Tattered clothes and white face may make you look scary, but if you add special touch to the eyes, then it will be just perfect! Having your eyes set for your costume will make you even scarier than before.

There are many ways to perform Halloween makeup eyes. You can just put on a big white(not clear) soft lenses with tiny openings on the pupil, it sure will scare your friends even without your costume on!

vampire Look Eyes Halloween MakeupImage By Fabiola Cortes

18. Halloween Pop Art Makeup Ideas

If you feel like being something different for the next Halloween , then a pop art Halloween makeup would suit you. This kind of makeup makes you look like a comic character come alive, and it is cool! Not many people has the skill to make their face look like a comic character, so, if you are confident enough with your skill, you should try this at home!

Pop art Halloween makeup is good for adults as well as with children. You could surprise your child’s friends by putting this kind of makeup, they will surely love the concept and start gathering around you!

pop art halloween makeupImage By Best Halloween Blog

19. Fox Halloween Makeup Ideas

Celebrating Halloween with animal costume does not necessarily needs you to put on scary animal costume. You can use some other animals like fox Halloween makeup. Yes, maybe in the US fox is nothing more than a wild animal, but in certain country, fox is considered as mystical and mysterious animal.

Putting on fox Halloween makeup will not make you as scary as the other ferocious animal, but this is great idea to make you distinguished from the others. You should try using it sometimes and see the difference!

fox makeup halloweenImage By Wonder Forest

20. Bloody Halloween Makeup Ideas

Each person has different taste of horror, as for Halloween party, some may prefer bloody Halloween makeup. Some people find it pretty gross to do, but this is also some kind or horror presentation. If you find it disturbing, you can skip this idea and find the others that you find more interesting to do.

To put on bloody Halloween makeup you need to fake blood to spread on some parts of your body, in this case, face paint or any washable paint is required. Make sure you choose the correct color so that the fake blood would look like a real one.

bloody halloween makeup ideasImage By Nikkie Tutorials

21. Indian Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween costumes aren’t all about the dead, you can put on costumes resembling cartoon characters, animals, and even Indian Halloween makeup. It sounds unusual but it works too! If you’d rather your kids to have something more educative than just putting up scary costumes, you can use this idea to add the educational element such as telling them the stories of Indian tribe while putting on the makeup.

Indian Halloween makeup is a great idea for parents who want their kids to have something more useful than just getting candies from the neighborhood. You can try this idea and see how excited your kids be when you are telling them the history of Indians.

Indian Halloween Makeup ideasImage By Julia Salvia

22. Tiger Halloween Makeup Ideas

If there is a thought that animal costumes are too “light” for Halloween party, then you should try looking at tiger Halloween makeup. You may have seen herbivore animals used as the inspiration for costumes, but when it comes to a ferocious animal such as tiger, the result could be quite mind blowing. All you need is just adding additional details such as drops of blood around face and hand area, and there you go, a tiger Halloween makeup.

This could be a quite unique Halloween makeup idea to come up with, since not so many people interested in costumes other than ghosts or monsters.

tiger makeup halloweenImage By Marina Maquillage

23. Girly Halloween Makeup Ideas

What should I do if my baby girl asked for girly Halloween makeup? There is only one answer to that question: do it! Who said that only creepy scary costumes are allowed for Halloween? Just a moment ago a 5 year old boy asked for Disney’s Frozen character Princess Elsa as his Halloween costume, so why shouldn’t your baby girl asked for the same?

It is not a common sight to see cross-dressing kids for Halloween party, but you should allow your kids to become something that suits their nature. Therefore, if your baby daughter asked you for a girly Halloween makeup, you should do your best to fulfill her wish.

Girly Halloween MakeupImage By We Heart it

24. Lion Halloween Makeup Ideas

Boys would rather wear scary costumes than any others, but sometimes, there is a case when a boy’s posture is too thin to look scary, so, how would you deal with that? There is actually a solution for this. You could try lion Halloween makeup. This could be the best solution you have since lion has such thick mane that could help your kid to have bigger appearance than his original posture.

Lions also have strong charisma, and your boy would never dislike it. Make sure to include a thick mane in the lion Halloween makeup and your boy would be the coolest kid with scary costume in the party.

Lion Halloween MakeupImage By Can Can Dancer

25. Cheetah Halloween Makeup Ideas

It is good to have such lively and energetic child, but when it comes to a Halloween party, you might need to think twice what could someone as lively as your child wear? You can try cheetah Halloween makeup as his theme for the party. Cheetah is known as the fastest animal on earth, and this matches your child’s characteristics.

When choosing the costume for cheetah Halloween makeup, make sure you choose the one with light and smooth fabric so that your children would be able to move freely without putting too much effort. Make sure to make your child happy and be supportive for their strengths, happy Halloween!

Cheetah Halloween MakeupImage By Sadie Mae

26. Angel Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween costumes should be attractive and unique, to make sure you have more attention, you can try the Angel Halloween Makeup. It is very common to see people wearing costumes representing dark creatures, but how about an angel? You could be the only light among the darkness and surely will be the center of attention in the party.

Choose a costume which will also make your angel Halloween makeup shinier so that your attractiveness will be unrivaled. If you are going to use this idea as your choice for this upcoming party, be ready to have a lot of eyes directed to you.

dark angel halloween makeupImage By Tashie Tinks

27. Beautiful Halloween Makeup Ideas

Attending a Halloween party doesn’t oblige you to be something unsightly, you can just be yourself with beautiful Halloween makeup. Makeups for Halloween are so wide you will have countless choices to pick every year. It is important to make your appearance different than your daily life, but still you will need to add certain scary elements as the complimentary for Halloween party.

Making beautiful Halloween makeup as your choice of theme would take you to another level of Halloween themes. Make sure you do the best and let your instinct guide you to your unique style of Halloween makeups.

Masquerade Mask beautiful and creative halloween makeup ideasImage By Brit Morin

28. Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Ideas

For everyone loves a dark theme for Halloween with additional elements such as drawings and mosaic, I suggest you to use sugar skull Halloween makeup. A skull is always connected to something dark and evil, therefore, many Halloween costumes features the skull as additional accessories or main theme. However, with sugar skull theme, you could still be in the area of dark theme with a piece of art included in your makeup.

If you choose sugar skull Halloween makeup as your main theme, you will need some preparation to get through. Make sure you have the appropriate costumes with suitable accessories. If you are not sure with what you are doing, you can ask your friends or family who has ever going to this kind of event before.

Sugar Skull Halloween MakeupImage By Kelsey Thomas

29. Doll Halloween Makeup Ideas

Something scary is not always coming with fangs and blood, you can come up with something looks so pale like Halloween makeup doll. Besides the exotic presence from a doll, a walking pale doll would be quite frightening to see at night. If you want something scary and yet exotic, that this Halloween makeup doll idea could be used as your theme for upcoming Halloween party.

You should find proper dress that might resembles a doll and then make sure to make your skin as pale as possible. You can use foundation with brightest color, or just apply body powder in an amount which would make you look so pale.

Doll Halloween Makeup IdeasImage By Karman

30. Skeleton Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is sure the main celebration for people who are a big fan of underworld creature, you can find people with Halloween Makeup Skeleton almost at every part of the city. Skeleton is the most common theme you can find in halloween. For the celebration itself was made to celebrate the dead, then the image of a skeleton is the most common thing that comes into someone’s mind.

To put on Halloween makeup skeleton, you can do several tricks. First you can find a pair of clothing with dark fabric, printed with full image of a skeleton on specific parts. The second is you can just put on skeleton makeup on your face and wear dark clothing.

fashion skeleton halloween makeupImage By Hello Fashion Blog

31. Ghotic Halloween Makeup Ideas

Should I use Gothic Halloween makeup for the celebration? Is it even allowed to use this kind of theme in the party? If you are still thinking about these questions, you must be overthinking things. There might be some standards in the past, but nowadays, Halloween is more to the social event than a ritual. Therefore, it is common to find various modern characters such as cartoons.

Gothic Halloween makeup could be an idea you can use for Halloween party as there is no limitations for the idea itself. The more you like the character, the better your impersonation will be. So give our fullest and enjoy the party!

Night of the Dragon Ghotic Halloween MakeupImage By La Esmeralda

32. Clown Halloween Makeup Ideas

Some people may find this Halloween makeup clown as a funny trick, but some people have phobia with clowns and it makes them to be extremely disturbed when they see one. But if you want to appear really scary, then this is the almost good idea to do. Besides the clown appearance is quite funny, you can instantly change the atmosphere by creep laughing randomly. Be careful with people around you, some people may show over reaction to your laughing and do something unpleasant.

It is Halloween and you are free to put a costume of anything you want to be. But first, please make sure that your preference will not bring disadvantages for some people, or the party wouldn’t be fun anymore.

Clown Halloween MakeupImage By Senju HiMe

33. Half Face Halloween Makeup Ideas

Are you being too lazy to put makeup all over your face because all the effort to wash them later on? Then you can use this half face Halloween makeup idea for this upcoming Halloween celebration! Basically this is a method to only put your makeup for half part of your face when the other is usually left bare or is filled with any of different character’s face.

Half face Halloween makeup could be pretty scary if it’s done properly, and you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning the makeup later on. Make sure you choose the right theme so that you will look awesome in this upcoming celebration.

half skull face halloween makeupImage By Roxi

34. Comic Halloween Makeup Ideas

We usually see Halloween as a contest of costumes and ideas, but today, you can just use Halloween makeup comic as your theme to join in the party. It is true that costumes will make the party more exciting, but with the progress of makeup nowadays, you can’t say that just putting makeups won’t do.
In fact, some people who has used Halloween makeup comic are considered as creative and talented people, for they have succeed to bring up comical characters into real 3D model in themselves. You should try to look for references on the web and you will be surprise how good comic makeup could be!

Comic Girl Halloween MakeupImage By imgur

35. Halloween Makeup for Women Ideas

There is a lot of Halloween costumes ideas and if you need Halloween makeup for women ideas, you will find lots of them on the internet, complete with video tutorials and others. Halloween themes usually come with masculine or feminine version, if you are interested in one of the men’s Halloween theme, then you should find out if there is a feminine version or not.

To put on Halloween makeup for women which is derived from masculine design for men, usually you just need to change the color scheme and make little changes to the line or dots pattern in the design. However, if you are not confident with your make up skills, it is better to look for online tutorials first.

Halloween Makeup for WomenImage By Smash Cave

36. Couple Halloween Makeup Ideas

Being a couple means you have to be sweet each other all the time, including when celebrating Halloween party. There are a lot of Halloween makeup couples ideas you can find on the internet and those could be a great idea to celebrate Halloween with your couple. You can also use different ideas for each of you but it will be less fun and sweet.

If you want to be the center of attention together with your couple, then you should try Halloween makeup couples on. It is quite a rare occasion that people come with couple makeup idea to celebrate the Halloween , be the first on your circle!

Scull sugar Couple Halloween MakeupImage By Gio Pou

37. Day of the Dead Halloween Makeup Ideas

Have you ever wondered why people tend to put on scary costumes when it comes to celebrate Halloween ? They did that because they want to stick with the idea of Halloween makeup day of the dead. It is important for some people to have the essence of Halloween itself in their appearance, thus they decide to wear scary costumes, even improved them with details using fake blood, fangs, etc.

Halloween makeup day of the dead is the common idea between the people. When you talk about the dead, you will instantly think about ghosts, zombies and many other scary creatures. So get your costume and be prepared for Halloween!

Day of the Dead Halloween MakeupImage By Retro Trash Photogrphy

38. Halloween Makeup and Costumes Ideas

The most exciting thing to do during the Halloween is preparing the Halloween makeup and costumes. People are creative with their ideas and each year you would see something new in the party. If you feel like creating your own idea for Halloween , you are welcome to try and surprise the neighborhood. if you have lots of ideas, you can give suggestion to your friends and family about their theme for Halloween , and they will appreciate it!

Preparing Halloween makeup and costumes needs time and effort, especially if you are planning to use complicated costumes and makeups. Make sure that you have enough time to prepare all your need for the party and do your best!

halloween makeup costume kim kardashian

39. Dark Halloween Makeup Ideas

Dark Halloween makeup could be a good idea if you like scary and horror theme. Dark themes usually comes with the expectation of something frightening and underworld. You can try to dress up as skeletons, reapers, or any other underworld creatures you know. As long as you are okay with it, any costumes with dark themes should be okay.

However, some people may not like the idea of dark Halloween makeup, and they will go with animals, historical people or any other makeup and costume they want. The concept of Halloween has changed so that it has broader range of theme you can choose for yourself.

Awesome dark black halloween makeupImage By Reddit

40. Devil Halloween Makeup Ideas

When we talk about the dead, it is common to relate the condition with something sinister such as hell and the devil, thus some people find I interesting to dress up with devil Halloween makeup. While some people think of this just as a costume or makeup, some people are tied with rules from their religion that prohibit them from wearing attires representing the devil.

If you find devil Halloween makeup is confronted with the rules of your religion, than you should probably consult with people inside or look for another idea. But if it is okay with you, you should go with your best costume and show everyone how a Halloween party should be!

red devil halloween makeupImage By Jessilynnxx

41. Joker Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is always related with something dark and sinister, and then there is an idea to dress up with halloween makeup joker. The villain from batman series has put a strong image of darkness and evil behind his smiling face, and it is fun to dress as colorful as the joker and still having the dark impression. There are a lot of superhero villains which could be the inspiration, but people still prefer to go with the joker more than anything else.

It is simple to put halloween makeup joker into yourself. Just find a couple of fancy suit and trousers then put some makeup on your face and the last, color your hair with temporary hair coloring.

joker halloween makeup for girlsImage By Laura Orth

42. Catrina Halloween Makeup Ideas

For women who want to look scary in this upcoming halloween party, you can try the idea of halloween makeup catrina. This is the simpler version of sugar skull but the simpler it is, the creepier it becomes. Basically this is a gothic theme with a makeup resembling a skull. The theme itself is quite intriguing, yet interesting to be tried. The preparation itself is quite simple and makeup used is quite light and easy to remove.

When you talk about halloween makeup catrina, actually it is categorized as a dark theme and you should reconsider if you are not a fan of dark themes. There are still lots of themes you can chose for halloween party, just try to find the one that suits you best.

Amazing Catrina Halloween Makeup

43. Ghost Halloween Makeup Ideas

Easy halloween themes does exist for people who want to keep it simple. Some people find it disturbing to prepare costumes with lots of details and elements, so they decided to use halloween makeup ghost. Since you don’t need much preparation to look like a ghost, it needs less time to prepare, and easier to do. This is the truly perfect idea of simplicity.

Generally, you would imagine a ghost with pale skin, dirty white clothes and unmanaged hair. Just provide those three points and people will catch your idea immediately. If you have a hover board, it would help you a lot in gliding effect. This way, people will be surprised and more scared of your impersonation.

Ghost Halloween MakeupImage By Desrie Pecbt

44. Scarecrow Halloween Makeup Ideas

Sometimes things around us can be used as a theme for halloween party too, take an example of halloween makeup scarecrow. This simple thing has some scary elements when put into motion. Still remember that movie in 2000s “The Jeepers Creepers”? This movie even made me scared to be around a full body scarecrow as the side effect of having nightmare after watching the movie.

This halloween makeup scarecrow is quite interesting since you can blend with halloween decorations and scare people sometimes after. If you want to do so, then you should prepare your best costume so that people won’t be able to recognize you

scary scarecrow Halloween Makeup face paintImage By Hattie and Amos Entertainment

45. Halloween Masks

Putting on halloween makeup mask could help you a lot in saving your time during halloween preparations. People who have much spare time would find it convenient enough putting on heavy makeup as the part of their costume, but how about people with less spare time? Putting on a mask would be the best solution since sometimes it helps with blending in with the costume.

You can easily obtain halloween makeup mask in fancy shops selling costumes for various purposes. If you haven’t decided on your costume or theme yet, then it is better to wrap those things up first and the n you can decide the best mask suited for you.

silent hill nurse costume Halloween MasksImage By Erin McDonnell

46. Pirate Halloween Makeup Ideas

It is good to see children being so excited for the halloween, and yet, you don’t want yours to impersonate something inhuman. There are other themes to come up with halloween, one of them is pirate Halloween makeup. Although pirates are different than monsters and ghosts, they still have the scary elements and style. Bringing a pistol in one hand, and a hook in the other, which child wouldn’t want that?

Pirate halloween makeup is pretty easy to prepare. You just need to look for a vendor who rents costumes and find the size for your child. You can expect their happiest reaction when the see their costume, just try!

Pirate Halloween MakeupImage By Kevin M

47. Princess Halloween Makeup Ideas

It is quite difficult for kids to decide a halloween theme on their own, therefore, you shoud come and help them. If your baby daughter wants a cheerful halloween party, you can suggest her to choose princess halloween makeup. This is not exactly something people would be scared of, but it is still allowed to be used for haloween.

It is good to have children as energetic as always, but you should remember to give your support for them. In case you don’t have any idea how princess halloween makeup should be, you can ask around or look for some information on the web.

tiger lily Princess Halloween MakeupImage By Miriama Hollósiová

48. Peacock Halloween Makeup Ideas

Carnivores aren’t the only one with scary appearance when it comes to scary halloween costumes. In fact, there are several animal theme which would suit the halloween party perfectly, for example is peacock halloween makeup. This animal has certain types of fur that could hypnotize and scare he predators. Not only that, that fur is also very nice to see and has nice colors mix.

If your children wants a unique costume, then this peacock halloween makeup would surely meet your children’s expectations. Most children like to have big and complicated costume and this is just perfectly fit those requirements.

peacock face paint Halloween MakeupImage By Airah Morena

49. Zipper Halloween Makeup Ideas

A simple makeup work could bring a bunch of impact if used correctly, for example is halloween makeup zipper. This idea comes with drawing a zipper on someone’s face (usually) and any other body parts. This idea is pretty simple and good to see. You can look for tutorials online to make sure you won’t mess up your face with wrong lines or patterns.

Since this halloween makeup zipper needs perseverance in drawing lines and pattern, you can try drawing them on a paper before practicing on your own face. If you feel that you have already had enough practice, you can try to do it with makeups then.

Zipper Halloween Makeup For MenImage By Bc Bomb

50. Bunny Halloween Makeup Ideas

Besides the dark themes and scary creatures, a halloween should be completed with any kinds of exciting elements, such as bunny halloween makeup. Some girls could use this idea to be different with the others. Since the event will be full of people dressing in ghosts or monsters outfit, the idea of being a bunny girl could make you the center of attention.

If you want to dress up with bunny halloween makeup, you have to consider several things. Make sure you are not alone so that when people come and gather around you, you will not feel nervous or disturbed.

Bunny Halloween MakeupImage By Maleena G

51. Spider Halloween Makeup Ideas

Some insects could be a good Halloween theme idea such as Halloween Makeup Spider. This insect could be found in most household and it is not few people who are afraid of this little creature. Making a spider as your halloween theme is not a bad idea. After all, the structure of the spider itself has given off scary aura and needless to say, is quite compatible with halloween theme.

You can use the pattern of spider web as your base for halloween makeup spider, and then finished with an image of a spider in you costume, everyone would be scared off.

spider queen halloween makeupImage By Chuchy

52. Wolf Halloween Makeup Ideas

Lions and tigers are not the ones with fangs and claws. When it comes to a ferocious animal, you can use Halloween Wolf Makeup as your theme for Halloween party. This animal has been feared in the legend and even mentioned as the base of the mythical being, the werewolf. When you put up a Halloween makeup wolf you should expect everyone to see your costume as a werewolf rather than just a wolf.

There are many other animals you can use as the base of our costume, but make sure that you will be able to prepare everything before the day of the celebration.

Wolf Halloween MakeupImage By Shanshanshananigans

53. Mouth Halloween Makeup Ideas

You don’t need to do makeups for all over your body to get a scary appearance, instead, you can do halloween makeup mouth to be a frightening figure. Modifying the appearance of your body is also a good idea to come up with the halloween party. It will also be a huge surprise for people to see only one part of your body modified instead most of them.

There are a lot of ideas for halloween makeup mouth, you can choose any kinds of design you want to give you scarier appearance. The common idea to use is the form of stitches, slices, and even zippers.

Easy Ripped Mouth Halloween MakeupImage By Bailey Phillips

54. Leopard Halloween Makeup Ideas

Although the appearance is almost the same as cheetah, leopard halloween makeup could be a surprise for your friends. If you have a twin child, then you could put them on cheetah and leopard costume so that people will immediately catch the main idea of their Halloween costumes ideas. The main idea is your children could learn something while they are having fun with the celebration.

Leopard halloween makeup might need a costume to complete the appearance. It is good to see children having fun with the others of their age, moreover if they could gain some knowledge from the activity.

Leopard Halloween Makeup

55. Lips Halloween Makeup Ideas

I you want to have simple concept for this upcoming halloween party, you could add halloween makeup lips to help you add the scary impression. Face is the most important part of your appearance, therefore, adding more details into it would elevate the effectiveness of your idea. You can use any kinds of dark colored lipsticks or any other coloring of your preference.

It is important to have halloween makeup lips which suits your costume. The darker the color, the scarier would your appearance be. You can also combine this concept with any other idea you have for hallowen, as long as you show parts of your face.

easy lips halloween makeup ideasImage By Yahaira Carrillo

56. Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Ideas

If the joker is the dark villain of choice for men, then Halloween makeup harley Quinn would be a great idea for women. Aside from its beauty, Harley Quinn is also famous for her cruelty and madness. You can expect yourself to look scary in this theme. Besides its beauty and scary impression, this kind of makeup is quite simple to prepare and you should give it a try.

Halloween makeup harley Quinn is your option if you don’t like being creatures that don’t resemble humans at all. You can find others with similar traits, but I think this one should be more than enough for the halloween.

Harley Quinn Halloween MakeupImage By Julia Graf

57. Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

How many minutes you have until the halloween party started? You should be able to do last minute halloween makeup or every eyes will be directed to you or being your regular self. If you have something urgent that hinders you from preparing your costume, then a simple makeup could do it. This idea is to make you look different and more like scary.

For last minute halloween makeup you can just put some face powder with dark lipstick to make yourself a little pale, then when your colleagues asked about your idea, you can answer them with “Warm Bodies”. Happy halloween!

Last Minute Halloween MakeupImage By Sassy Hong Kong

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