5 Key Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Home

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Did you know that the price of solar panels has dropped 70% since 2010? Purchasing and installation prices have been a big hurdle to overcome, and now that they are cheaper, the pros outweigh the cons.

Are you on the fence about solar solutions? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of solar panels!

1. Environmental Friendly

In recent years, we have become more aware of the effects of global warming. As a result, it is becoming more evident each day that we need to switch to greener solutions.

Power sources such as coal, oil, and natural gasses are the main reasons for air and water pollution. Additionally, these traditional sources are running out.

Solar Panels are a great source of renewable energy and do not produce pollution once they are installed.

2. Start Saving

Even though buying solar panels may be a significant investment upfront, the money you will save over the years will make it worthwhile. Plus, you won’t be surprised by increased prices set by major energy providers.

Tax Credits and Rebates

If the initial system costs are a big hurdle to overcome, perhaps the 30% income tax rebate can change your mind. The total rebates from different local and federal governments can cut the initial costs in half.

Fewer Costs for Energy Bills

If you install enough solar panels to provide energy for your home, you will start saving immediately on the electricity bill.

The average yearly bill is nearly $1,500 per year. However, once the installation is complete, your solar panels will save you high monthly costs. A company like Blue Raven provides free estimates on the best solar panels!

3. Reliable Source of Energy

Depending on your location, traditional energy sources can be unreliable. Every household has experienced a power outage. This can not only be inconvenient, but it can be dangerous as well. One of the benefits of solar panels is that you can trust that your home has a steady power source.

4. Increases Home Value

Solar panels can significantly increase the value of your home. So if you are wondering if it is a good investment even if you are planning to move, the answer is yes!

It is important to note that buyers are likely to be put off by leased panels versus owned solar panels.

5. Easy Install and Maintenance

Perhaps your cottage in the country needs power, but electricity is unavailable to the remote location. A great benefit of solar panels is that they can be installed virtually anywhere.

Solar panels are flexible, and you can invest in more over time. Your budget may only allow for a small panel, but it is moving in the right direction. In addition, you do not require a large roof to install some panels.

Solar panels last up to 30 years without maintenance! The only maintenance required is the occasional hosing down to rid the panels of any debris.

The Benefits of Solar Panels

As you have read, there are many benefits of solar panels. This is excellent news for both the environment and your wallet. Please share this post with your friends and family to help them make the right decision!

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