Caring for the Monster Under the Sink: Signs You Need to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

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Garbage disposal units were created in 1927 and while they’ve come a long way, they still only have a limited lifespan. There are a few key signs you’ll want to look out for if your garbage disposal is in need of replacement. Such as it stops chewing up food and clogs up or there’s a consistent foul odor.

Here are four signs to look for to decide if you need a garbage disposal replacement or not.

Stops Chewing Up Food

The first sign that your garbage disposal is in need of replacement is when it stops chewing up food properly. This means the machine is still working and turning, but the food isn’t getting broken down properly.

There are only certain foods that you should stick down the drain regardless. Hard items like eggshells, corn husks, and oyster shells have no business in the garbage disposal.

Leaks Spring Constantly

Garbage disposals technically double as pipes, as they need to carry water down the system and into the main drainage pipes. If all the pipes seem in tack yet leaks keep springing up, it could be the garbage disposal.

Garbage disposal repair isn’t necessarily hard, but it may only temporarily prolong the life of the system temporarily. You can contact this plumbing service to see if your garbage disposal only needs a repair or replacement.

Foul Odors Tend To Linger

Another major sign that your garbage disposal is on the way out is when there’s a constant foul smell coming from the appliance. There’s a reason why they tell you not to put oils or grease inside your sink, as these food items tend to stick to the garbage disposal.

Use dish soap that has the ability to break down grease combined with hot water to see if this solves the problem. If the oil or grease is too far down, the only option will be a replacement.

Frequent Resets

Underneath the sink of the garbage disposal is a reset button. Your garbage disposal has a failsafe put in place to prevent it from breaking or catching fire. This happens when something gets pushed down there that wasn’t supposed to.

But if you find yourself hitting the reset button after a simple rinse off a plate, then things aren’t looking great for your garbage disposal. You should only have to use this button once in a blue moon, rather than every time you turn on the garbage disposal.

Your Garbage Disposal Replacement Shouldn’t Wait

Garbage disposal replacement shouldn’t wait. Trying to use a garbage disposal that’s past its prime can lead to damage to the rest of the pipes and even catch fire. Call a plumber to get help to decide on what the best course of action is for your garbage disposal.

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