How to choose the location of your new property in DUBAI

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When planning to buy a property, you probably think that the most important factor is how comfortable the interior of your new home is, how spacious it is, and where houses for sale in dubai and how beautiful it looks when you walk in. You can even focus on choosing a great view from your windows that helps you feel relaxed and engaged with the outside world at the same time. While these are all extremely important factors in enhancing your lifestyle and providing you with a better quality of life, they should not make you forget the important role that location plays in your quality of life.

The location of your home means the type of service facilities you have around you; such as subway and bus stations, supermarkets and shopping centers, schools and kindergartens, clinics and hospitals and, most importantly, vital destinations and places of recreation. It also determines the time you have to travel between your home and common destinations such as your job, elementary school, your favorite shopping mall, or where your lifestyle requires you to visit frequently.

Hence the importance of paying close attention when choosing the location, be it a real estate investment or a family home. Usually most people would go to discover the residential areas around their workplace and try to find a suitable home for their needs within those areas, which is somewhat helpful. However, this option is not available at all times, as these areas, eg. Eg It may be unsuitable for families, or the price range of your properties is higher than you would consider. In that case, you need to set your priorities beforehand so that you can decide which points you cannot compromise on and which ones can be negotiated.

To help you with this, we show below the most important aspects that you should consider when choosing the location of your property in Dubai.

First: travel time

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic after a long day at work or having to drive for hours every day to reach your destination. To avoid falling for this, it is advisable to try to drive at different times to the property in Dubai of your choice before placing an offer. This allows you to get an idea of ​​traffic patterns and to find out if those hours clash with your travel routine.

Second: available transportation methods

This may not seem equally important to everyone, as having your own car can solve the problem of living far from a subway or bus station. However, this is important to keep in mind when you have a larger family with different routines and activities in life, as some of them may need to use public transportation from time to time. Besides having a metro station close by, you can afford to leave your car instead of worrying about parking and traffic. It is also highly recommended to keep this in mind when buying property in Dubai for investment purposes.

Third: Nature and atmosphere.

If your job or lifestyle doesn’t require a specific routine, e.g. flexible working hours that allow you to avoid peak hours or have different places to work instead of a stationary office, this gives you space to reorganize your priorities in terms of property location. You can prioritize living in a quiet and peaceful community with beautiful natural scenery up high. Looking out the window for a beautiful view can make a difference in your day.

Fourth: The atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Your home is more than the rooms within the walls, it is also the environment, the neighbors and the community. Coming home to a community that triggers a feeling of home within you has a huge impact on your happiness. While it is important to stay close to your workplace to save time on the move, it may be a good idea for some people to separate personal life from work environment. And then they can choose to commit to being close to work, for example owning a beachside property and enjoying the opportunity to hit the beach anytime, even after work, rather than staying in the more residential communities. nearby, where they work.

Fifth: Nearby services

Schools, clinics, hospitals, universities, gyms, spas, sports fields, recreational venues, and other facilities are essential to provide you with the lifestyle you want. Certainly, most of the communities developed by real estate companies in Dubai offer these facilities in their development. You can buy apartment in dubai marina browse our area guides to learn about the facilities and lifestyle that each of them offers.

All these points are extremely useful when it comes to buying a new property in Dubai as an investor or home buyer. Bearing in mind that your property will have a better chance of being sold or leased if it meets the requirements on the tenant’s or buyer’s list.

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