How to Find the Best Online Pharmacy: A Detailed Guide

January 27, 2022

In the last 12 months, an estimated 3.4 million people have ordered at least one medication, online, from outside the US. Of the 11,000 websites that were reviewed, however, 95% operate outside of US state and federal laws.

These online pharmacies often don’t require prescriptions or sell drugs that aren’t approved in the US.

Interested in saving on prescriptions by buying medications online? Use these tips to find the best online pharmacy first. With these tips, you can feel confident before you start shopping.

Otherwise, you might choose a pharmacy that sells counterfeit or adulterated drugs.

Don’t risk it! Instead, become a savvy shopper. Find a reputable pharmacy online with these tips today. 

  1. Understand the Risk

For many people, saving on prescriptions has become a priority. Instead of prioritizing money-saving tips, however, consider the risk you’re taking. Understanding the potential risks will help you remain vigilant.

For example, choosing an illegitimate pharmacy could put your private details at risk. A hacker could steal your identity. You might even become a victim of credit card fraud.

Remember, some online pharmacies sell counterfeit medications, too.

If you don’t take the medications you need for a specific condition, you could put your health at risk. Meanwhile, you could take medications that can make your condition worse. 

Some online pharmacies pop up overnight, steal your information, and disappear. If you’re hacked, you could struggle to find the perpetrator. 

Before buying medications online, teach yourself how to spot an illegitimate pharmacy.

For example, these pharmacies likely won’t ask for a prescription. They’ll grab your attention with marketing messages and the promise of “cure-all” medications. They might use super-low prices to win your business, too. 

These pharmacies likely won’t have a licensed pharmacist available to help you.

If something feels wrong while you’re buying medications online, trust your gut. Otherwise, use the rest of these tips. 

Less than 5% of consumers are aware of tools that can help them find safe online pharmacies. Take the time to use these tools and find the best online pharmacy. You can protect your health, safety, and best interests. 

  1. Provide Your Prescription

Before buying medications online, make sure the pharmacy asks for a prescription from a licensed doctor. Otherwise, there’s a chance they won’t send you the prescription medications you need. 

It’s more likely they’ll send you medications that haven’t received government approval instead. These medications likely haven’t completed rigorous testing, either. 

Don’t purchase medications from an online pharmacy that doesn’t allow you to consult a pharmacist. Make sure someone requests and reviews your prescription first. 

If the website doesn’t require an official prescription, shop elsewhere. 

  1. Talk to Your Insurance Company

If you want to find the best online pharmacy, consult your insurance company. If they cover your prescriptions, ask to see a list of their approved pharmacies. Your health insurance company has already vetted these online pharmacies for you. 

Since your health insurance company uses these pharmacies as suppliers, you can feel confident in their choice.

It’s possible the best online pharmacy isn’t on that list, though. Your insurance company likely hasn’t reviewed every site online. If the pharmacy you’re interested in isn’t on their list, don’t worry.

It only means the pharmacy and insurance company don’t have a working relationship. 

  1. Compare Prices

Remember, a foreign pharmacy might try to win your business by marketing super low prices. Don’t let your goal of saving on prescription deter your safety. Instead, take the time to comparison shop.

Visit a few different online pharmacies and determine if they offer the prescription medication you need. Then, compare the prices. Does one site’s pricing seem too good to be true?

Chances are, it is.

If you’re on the fence about a pharmacy because its pricing is super low, remove it from your list anyway. It’s better to remain safe than regret the decision later on. 

You can buy prescription drugs here for prices you can trust. 

  1. Look for an Address

Each company’s website can tell you if you’ve found a safe, reputable pharmacy as well.

First, look for the company’s address. Check the website’s footer or contact us page. Determine if the pharmacy lists a physical street address.

If you see a P.O. box number instead, consider it a red flag. This indicates the pharmacy isn’t providing a real address. 

Check the website’s URL, too. You should see “HTTPS” in front of the domain name. This indicates the site has an SSL certificate.

Don’t make purchases from an online pharmacy unless they have an SSL certificate. It’s safe to make purchases from sites with “HTTPS” in front of the domain name. 

Determine if the site will give you access to a state-licensed pharmacist, too. If they make it impossible to reach anyone through their site, remove them from your list. 

  1. Consult NABP

While reviewing each foreign pharmacy, take a moment to check for The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s (NABP) approval. Look for their Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS®) Seal.

The seal indicates the NABP has vetted the online pharmacy for you. These pharmacies meet state licensure requirements. 

The NABP vets each pharmacy by considering how they communicate with customers. They determine if the pharmacy protects the consumer’s information, too. They also consider how the pharmacy fills out prescriptions.

Once you find the NABP’s VIPPS seal on a pharmacy’s website, check the NABP site. Some companies now use the VIPPS seal fraudulently.

Otherwise, check for “.pharmacy” at the end of the company’s website. 

  1. Use PharmacyChecker

Remember, there are many different online tools you can use to find the best online pharmacy. For example, you can check PharmacyChecker. This directory can verify which pharmacies are licensed. 

You can also use this site to read customer reviews or compare prices. 

Start Shopping: 7 Tips to Help You Find the Best Online Pharmacy

Don’t rush to shop from the first foreign pharmacy you find when buying medications online. Instead, use these tips to find the best online pharmacy. Choosing a reputable pharmacy will give you peace of mind.

You can start saving on prescriptions while feeling confident in your medications.

Searching for more tips? You’ve come to the right blog. 

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