Main Reasons Why Working from Home Can Be Difficult

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Working from home may not be an easy task for most people. A few years ago it was routine for freelance writers like ones who work for Write My Speech, now it’s what almost all workers tried. Still, some perks of working from home are constant and we want to point them out in this article. It will take some time for you to cope up with it, but eventually, you should work from home comfortably and become productive. If time passes by and you still have problems working from home, you should get to the bottom of it and know why.

A lot of people are used to getting their work done at the office. The thought of doing their work at home becomes stressful because of the many distractions at home compared to when working at the office.

The distractions include:

Cell phone

A lot of people are distracted by their phones because they keep them close by. If you know you are working, then put away your phone, perhaps in the other room. But if you are worried about having an emergency, then there are ways that you can still have your phone close by and still not get distracted. 

You can download screen time up. It will ensure that you do not get distraction from the many notifications that pop on your phone. And at the same time, you will be available in case of an emergency. You will be able to focus on your work and finish it in a good time.

Notebook and Laptop on Work Desk

Your Family

Your family can be your biggest disturbance, especially kids and also other members of your family. They would think just because you haven’t gone to the office. Then you are free. It can happen not only physically but also through calling on the phone. 

You should make boundaries and let them know that you are working. An exception should be in case of an emergency. With this kind of strategy, you will succeed in working from home without distractions from your own family.


First thing in the morning, before you start working, go through your emails. Make sure you categorize them so that you avoid disturbance during your working hours. Prioritize your emails and know which ones should get a response immediately or during working hours and which ones should be left until the end of the day. Most people waste a lot of time on emails because they want to answer every one of them, thus spending more time than required. You cannot ignore all your emails because some of them might be in line with your work. 

Pains and Aches

It may seem light but affects your work productivity. If you focus on the pains and aches, you won’t finish your work. Make sure you work on your office setup. It will prevent the occasions of pains, especially on your neck. It is because you will have a perfect office chair. With a good office setup, you will not have to waste your time on pains and aches. You will focus on your work.


When you follow the above strategies, working from home will not be a big issue, and adapting it won’t be a problem. You will be able to be productive at home, finish your work on time and also be available in case of emergencies. Master your destructors and find the best way of dealing with them. Some may need your personal discipline to improve your productivity.

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