Online Dating Dos and Don’ts

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Dating is not just a straightforward thing nowadays, as it used to be earlier. The game of dating has changed significantly, with various dating apps and dating sites growing rapidly. Online dating has impacted people globally as everyone is trying out their luck for a possible date online. The Asian dating scene is also going online at a fast pace. 

The possibility of getting that best match in online dating is huge for everyone. But it can really be intimidating and frustrating to you in finding your best match in a pool of dating sites and apps. Despite these platforms providing immense opportunities to find matches for you, you might find online dating a tough job.  But a piece of friendly advice about things to do and not to do can help you out in online dating.

This post lists some do’s and don’ts you need to know while dating online. 


1. Have a Great Profile

Having an exciting profile might lead you to your best possible match. Include your hobbies and interest in your bio while creating your profile on dating sites and dating apps. This is how your potential matches get to know about you. You need to give your match a great insight into your personality just when they view your profile. It is very important to use a clear photo that focuses on your face to make your profile stand out. Keep your profile simple and joyful. And, let that gorgeous face of yours outshine everyone!

2. Be Open-Minded

Online dating can really be fruitful if you expand your boundaries. So, it is a bad idea to type-cast. Type-casting is a new term in online dating. It means wanting to date someone only based on some compatibility, interest, or anything that matches. It would be best if you stopped type-casting as an open-minded mindset on other people’s interests may lead you to a more exciting online dating life. Leave your comfort zone and enjoy the unexpected.

3. Be Genuine 

It would help if you were yourself despite the competitiveness in online dating. It is essential for you not to pretend to be someone different from you as it may lead you towards a person who wants a relationship not with the person you actually are in reality but with the one you’re pretending to be. Be proud and reveal yourself genuinely as you are. 


1. Reveal Personal Information

You should not reveal your personal information on online dating sites. You need to be cautious while talking to anyone online. Guard your private information and never disclose it to a stranger in such dating apps and sites. Be aware and protect yourself at all times for safe online dating. You can agree to meet with your match in public places to protect your privacy. 

2. Overdo in Hurry

Online dating does speed up the dating process and matches you up with your partner quickly. People tend to make silly mistakes on their first dates, so don’t overdo anything and try to stick to the third-date rule. It tells you to decide on your match only after the third date as it gives a clear understanding to make the decision regarding your future with them. If you hurry things up, you will also end up in the suspense of a relationship. 

3. Mislead

You should not mislead people with your profile as it develops false expectations. Make sure your profile is very honest and reflects you as the person you are. The chances of your success in online dating increase only if you do not mislead. 

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