10 Best Vacations for a Group of Friends

February 25, 2020

Travel lets you experience new cultures and make memories you’ll keep for a lifetime. Taking a trip with a group of friends multiplies the excitement.

Having trouble deciding where to you with your pals? The best vacations for a group of friends offer a variety of activities and unique options.

Take into consideration the travel preferences of your friends when choosing a location. Throwing out a few suggestions and letting the group decide gives everyone a reason to get excited.

Consider these 10 destinations for your next friend trip.

1. Wine Country

Assuming everyone in your group is 21 or older, wine country is a great place for groups of friends.

It’s not all about wine tastings, although the California region is packed with beautiful vineyards to tour. The region is great for hiking, biking, shopping, and seeing beautiful nature.

Napa Valley is the most popular region, which means it’s also busy, but there are plenty of other areas in wine country. Quieter options include the Santa Cruz Mountains, Sierra Foothills, and the Anderson Valley in Mendocino.

2. Las Vegas

If you only think of casinos when you consider a Vegas vacation, you’re missing out on lots of other options.
Many of the resorts have gorgeous pools for cooling off during the day, but they can get crowded. If all of your friends pitch in money, you can rent a cabana affordably and have a cool, shaded area with guaranteed seating.

The entertainment options are seemingly endless, from Cirque du Soleil shows to big-name musicians.

You also have the option of several easy trips out of the city. Popular options include the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Red Rock Canyon. Rent a car or take a tour if no one wants to drive.

3. Ski Trip

If you’re looking for a winter destination for your friends, plan a ski trip. With so many popular ski locations, you’ll find something within your budget and preferences.

Choosing a ski resort with a variety of slope types and terrain ensures everyone can have a good time. Everyone can hit the slopes that fit their skill level during the day, and you can meet back up at night.

Park City, Utah, is a popular skiing destination, but it offers more than just slopes. It’s also known for its spas, gourmet dining, and shopping. The historic downtown area has lots of options Other ski destinations include Whistler, Breckenridge, and Jackson Hole, among many others.

4. New York City

Leave your cars behind when you fly into New York City. You won’t need one to check out all the highlights of the city, from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty to Times Square.

Catch a Broadway production with your friends. Eat your way through the city. Visit all of the touristy spots and out-of-the-way spots.

If your group of friends loves big city life, New York City is a solid choice with entertainment options for everyone in the group.

5. Nashville

Grab your cowboy boots and hat when you gather your friends for a trip to Nashville. The city’s known for its music and nightlife. It also has plenty of impressive food options.

Beyond musical performances, you can visit many iconic music landmarks. That includes the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Grand Ole Opry, and Ryman Auditorium.

6. African Safari

Does your group of friends love an adventure? An African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that bonds your friend group for life.

Feel even more connected with African nature by choosing a spot like Ilkeliani Camp. You get the feeling of roughing it with tent-like accommodations, but they’re also equipped with comforts and conveniences, such as an en suite bathroom.

7. Iceland

If you want to be blown away by natural beauty, plan a group trip to Iceland. Don’t let the name fool you. You’ll see plenty of beautiful sites, not a land covered in ice.

Black sand beaches are an iconic part of the Iceland experience. This trip option is also an ideal way to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

You can drive yourself around the country or you can sign up your group of friends for a guided tour to hit all of the best spots.

8. Montreal

Get a European feel in Canada with a friends’ trip to Montreal. It’s a bilingual city, so expect to see French on signs and hear the language being spoken around you.

Cobblestone streets and gorgeous architecture give Montreal a distinct feel. The walkable city center makes the city easy to navigate if you don’t want to drive everywhere. The city also has good public transportation with subways and buses.

Street art is popular, and so are festivals. The city also has a strong music culture. You can find live music in many venues.

Spring and fall are ideal times for visiting Montreal. Winters are brutally cold, and summers can get very hot.

9. Hawaii

Lose yourself in a lush, tropical paradise when your friends head to Hawaii.

Thanks to the unique customs, culture, and cuisine of Hawaii, you get a distinct experience that you can’t get anywhere else.
The multiple island options let you customize your trip even more. Each has different features and different vibes.

Oahu is home to most of Hawaii’s population. It has plenty of natural beauty, but it also has lots of amenities and entertainment, including thriving nightlife.

Kauai, known as the Garden Isle, is a great choice for nature lovers. It’s full of natural beauty, including Wailua Falls, Poipu Beach, and Waimea Canyon.

Maui is known for having some of the best beaches anywhere. It also has the famous Road to Hana.

The Big Island has some of the most diverse natural beauty, including white sand beaches, mountains, waterfalls, rainforests, and volcanoes.

10. Miami

Miami has a distinct party vibe and a lot of culture that makes it an interesting spot for a trip with friends. It has a strong Cuban heritage, which creates a unique experience that you’ll love.

During the day, hit the beach with your besties for sunny fun. The long, wide Miami beaches give you plenty of opportunities to stake your claim on a sandy stretch.

At night, the city boasts a vibrant nightlife with plenty of clubs to match your group’s preferences. Keep in mind that many Miami clubs have dress codes. This is your chance to get all dressed up before hitting the clubs if that’s your scene.

Take One of the Best Vacations for a Group of Friends

Settling on a destination for a friends’ trip can be challenging. But with this list of best vacations for a group of friends, you can find a location that everyone loves.

Explore our travel archives for more great options.

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