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Simple Tips in Choosing the Right Charity to Support

People who donate their money or other valuables to charity find happiness because they helped someone improve their circumstances. According to the research of the Centre for Market and Public Organisation of the University of Bristol, when you ask people if they are willing…

July 24, 2020
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How Freelancers Lifestyle Looks Like

Congratulations, you finally made it! Quitting your office job for freelance writing jobs online is something worth celebrating, most especially if the freedom that freelancing brings is something you have always craved. Plus you’ll have the freedom to control your earnings as a freelancer,…

April 6, 2019
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9 Simple SEO Tips For Nonprofit Organizations

SEO is one of those concepts that seem far more complicated than they are actually are. For this reason, some businesses do not take full advantage of it. Running a nonprofit organization is hard work and SEO is essential if you want to be…

December 14, 2018