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How Freelancers Lifestyle Looks Like

April 6, 2019

Congratulations, you finally made it! Quitting your office job for freelance writing jobs online is something worth celebrating, most especially if the freedom that freelancing brings is something you have always craved. Plus you’ll have the freedom to control your earnings as a freelancer, which is great.

So, now that you have decided to follow this career path, it will make sense to understand the lifestyle of a freelance. It will enable you to make the right decisions and take steps to enjoy freelance jobs. Read to learn more!

1. Freelancers have control over their earnings

You cannot massively influence how much you earn in an office job. But in freelancing, you can. If you can finish the task at hand earlier, you will have more time to pursue new tasks.
In other words, the more freelance jobs you can complete in a day, week or month, the more money you will likely earn. You can also charge higher or lower for projects as there is no fixed rate.

Another impressive thing is that you can set financial goals and put in more effort or work long hours to achieve your goals as a freelancer. It all depends on you.

2. You make all the decisions

This one should interest any wannabe freelancer. It is also the reason many individuals have started doing freelance jobs. As a freelancer, you are your boss. You can choose to work for a client or end a contract without having anyone yell at you.

Simply put, as a freelancer, the days of coming back home with a long face because your boss yelled at you is over. But keep in mind that there’ll be no one to supervise or correct you.

3. Used to loneliness

Boredom and loneliness are issues freelancers face. So, you are planning to start freelance jobs; you should equally be ready for isolation. Keep in mind that unlike working in an office setting, you won’t have co-workers to chat with as a freelancer. It’s just you and probably your computer all day.

And even if you have a family, you may still experience boredom or loneliness at times to some degree. When you begin freelance jobs, you will always want to be in a quiet place when working on tasks.

4. Always thinking about work

As a freelancer, you will always find yourself thinking about your work. Even when you are supposed to relax, you will see yourself thinking about your clients, a deadline and if the recent work you delivered was below par. Your mind will not be at rest until you have checked your email and confirmed that you didn’t receive any serious message from clients.

5. Work long hours sometimes

There are things you may not condone in an office job that you may find yourself doing as a freelancer. One of them is staying at your desk for extended periods most times.
In most cases, you may even find yourself working for more than 12 hours a day because you want to finish up a task. And there will be no one to motivate you, that’s one of the challenges of being a freelancer. You have to drive yourself.


Freelance jobs according to WriteZillas can change one’s lifestyle. You will find yourself staying indoors for an entire day or week or working long hours sometimes. But then, it offers the freedom and flexibility that a regular office job doesn’t.

As a freelancer, you can travel anytime you want without fear of being quarried by your boss. You can even decide when you want to spend your holidays. So, now that you know some of the lifestyles of a freelancer, you need to determine if you are comfortable with it or not before choosing this path.

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