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10 Stunning Garden Path Ideas You Need to See

March 17, 2020

Stuck on how to complete your garden pathways? If you’re sure about what you’re planting this spring, but not sure how to finish the look, we can help.

From heavy stone materials to more natural suggestions, these top 10 garden path ideas will help you complete your garden. Spend more time outside this summer when you give one of these a try.

1. Patterned Stones

Filling in a pathway stone by stone takes some time, but it’s a way to let your creativity loose. Whimsical patterns and pictures give your garden a unique feel. Use waves or other masterpieces, to create beautiful mosaic-like patterns.

2. Flagstones

In the spring or summer, these often go on sale at home and garden centers. If you’re looking for an affordable garden path option, you’ve found it. Arrange the flagstones in a creative pattern or keep them organized.

3. Wood Decking Garden Path Ideas

For a smooth path, wood decking gives you an effortless way to enjoy the garden. It’s a minimalist style that upgrades the area. If modern is your goal, then wood decks are the way to go.

4. Large, Lantern-Lit Stepping Stones

Installing stepping stones on grass paths isn’t hard, and you get a familiar rustic look. Add some lanterns to make the look softer and more inviting.

5. Gravel

Explore the different sizes of gravel to figure out which looks best in your garden. You can go as tiny as pea gravel, up to larger rocks that are still comfortable to walk on. Make sure to add some kind of edging, usually metal, brick, or plastic.

6. Wood Parquet

Parquet means a geometric pattern. You can choose from many options, including zigzags, squares, and even triangles if you want to get crazy. Filling in stone between the wood pieces to accent the pattern.

7. Mulch

You can find many colors of mulch, as well as surprising materials. Regular wood shreds will work, or try something more forward-thinking like cocoa beans or tire shreds. West Bay Landscape can help you get started if this is the look you’re going for in your garden.

8. Concrete Paving

Large concrete paving stones give your garden a more finished, professional look. Go for a molded paver that looks like many stones in one. Or choose more traditional, straight-edged pieces to streamline the pathway.

9. Grass

Especially in between beds, having grass paths is a way to embrace nature. Crisp edging on your garden beds will make the natural paths stand out. Make sure paths are wide enough to get the lawnmower through, or the upkeep will be more challenging.

10. Wood Slices

Another way to go for a natural look on your garden path is to use slices of a tree trunk. Round, 1- to 2-inch slices of a tree trunk stand in where stone pavers might go. They bring a woodsy feel to your garden.

A Peaceful Retreat

With these garden path ideas, transform your outdoor recreation area into a navigable, usable space. You’ll spend more time outside when you have paths that allow you to more easily work outside.
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