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10 Things You Should Do If You’re Moving In To A Small Apartment

November 10, 2018

Change is always scary, even if it happening for the right reasons. If you realized you are spending too much rent money on a huge apartment, you may be interested in downsizing.
But the challenge is to find a way to enjoy the same or better quality of life in a smaller space. We become so accustomed to huge spaces that it can be hard to adjust. Here are ten things to do when you are moving into a smaller apartment.

1. Digitize

How much space are your documents, papers, pictures or similar possessions taking up? These are items that you could easily digitize. By scanning items and saving them in the cloud, you have easily accessible items that do not require a huge amount of physical space to store.

2. Sell

Do you have some valuable possessions you hardly use? It is time to try selling them online one Bay or Craigslist. You will not only get money that can help fund new apartment expenses, but you are also freeing up a lot of space.

3. Donate

Open up your closet and be honest with yourself. How many of those jeans, shirts, dresses, pants or other clothing items do you wear often? If you do not use an item more than one time a month, it may be time to donate it to Goodwill or some other organization.

4. Throw Away

There are so many possessions we keep for sentimental reasons. Maybe you think an item will be useful in the future. But it is best to bite the bullet and throw those items away when you are moving to a smaller apartment!

5. Find a Storage Space

The beauty of living in a major city is that finding an affordable storage unit near me will be very easy. These units are perfect for storing valuable possessions or other items that you want to keep, but do not use regularly.

6. Invest in Sleeker Appliances

Pay attention to surface area when buying new appliances. You can buy sleeker toasters, coffee makers and other kitchen accessories. These will take up less counter space, making a smaller kitchen feel as sizeable as the one you are giving up!

7. Create Zones

If you are moving into an apartment with just a few rooms, you can adjust by creating zones in a room. One zone is the space where you work, while another zone has your television and entertainment setup!

8. Get Comfortable Being Outside

No one likes being cooped up in a tiny apartment all day and night! If you are downsizing, start getting comfortable spending more time at parks, hiking trails, museums, coffee shops and other lovely outdoor spots.

9. Get Multipurpose Furniture

Instead of a sofa and bed, buy a sofa bed! Invest in side tables, chairs and other furniture that has built in storage compartments. Such multipurpose furniture will let you do more in less space!

10. Store Items Cleverly

Take advantage of the walls, ceiling and every part of your new apartment when you are storing items. The more clever ways you can find to store items, the more surface area you have to enjoy in your new apartment.

These ten steps will ensure that when you are downsizing your apartment, the process is as seamless and comfortable as possible.

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