10 Wardrobe Essentials That Should Be In Every Girl’s Closet!

August 29, 2018

I have enough clothes, said no girl ever!

Women, as compared to men, have the luxury of so many options when it comes to having a designer wardrobe. However, many options also mean a flooded closet. While some things like your favorite dress or your most favorite peace of jewellery get special treatment, some things end-up in the dark abyss of being neglected.

If you still have that “I hate myself, or I have nothing to wear” feels, here are some staple essentials that can be the foundation of your wardrobe. Pick them up, pair them with your favorite accessories and you are good to go!

Chick And Casual- Whites:

Whites ‘n’ Whites are the must-have! For a perfect casual day with friends or maybe a day at school, a white top would be perfect. Pair them with your blue denim, top some accessories or maybe a jacket and you are ready. Whites also go well with a low key dress and can be paired with any satin dress for an expensive style. Well, there are hundreds of options with a white tee, just find yours!

A Cute Summer Dress:

Summers calls for relaxing beach days and wearing subtle, cute and comfortable dresses. So, a summer dress in such case is a must! Go for floral prints or soft colors to brighten up your summer days. Pick cotton fabrics, your favorite summer color! You can shop from the nearby store or can also look for offers like Cole Haan Promo Code to grab dresses on affordable prices.

Leather Jacket:

So you are bored of wearing bland outfits! Add some spunk with this black leather jacket! Grab it from your favorite store and slay your look in style. Be it a casual day-out look or a party dress; a leather jacket can compliment anything from your wardrobe!

Scarf’s should be there!

If it’s your no-ready, no-chick look day, get a scarf! A bright and stylish scarf can instantly amp-up your mundane dress.

A chick and classy: Heels!

Heels are one of those accessories that every girl should own, and if it would be black, it’s just PERFECT! Be it stilettos, peep toes or pumps, pick the one that’s not only comfortable but also complements your feet!

Perfectly Hugged Denim!

Needless to say, denim is for everything! Pair it with a casual t-shirt and sneakers; you are up for a casual, back-to-school look. Top them with a button-up shirt and a classic pair of heels for a more formal look!


Denim shorts are the summer-love! When you don’t want to invest much time in mixing and teaming clothes, get a short, that’s it! They can be your go-to outfit for any party, outing or a shopping day.

Pencil Skirts:

One pencil skirt with a flawless top and sneakers is perfect for a club night with friends or maybe pick it for a formal meeting! Make sure to keep it mid-length to maintain the ‘perfect’ length! Pair it with classic statement jewelry, a chick hairstyle and a fashionable handbag to complete the look.

Ballet Flats:

If you are not a heel girl, pick a nice pair of ballet flat! This will not only give comfort to your feet but will also go perfectly with any outfit. Be it a dress or denim or might be a traditional dress, ballet flats are ideal for any occasion.


You want something for your shorts, jeans or skirts; sneakers are the best! Pick the perfect color that goes with any outfit and makes them your feet-favorite go-to pair! A good pair of sneakers is not only comfortable but is also every favorite outfit pair of shoes.

So, those were some of the ideal outfits of any girl’s closet! Stock them up, and your daily cloth is selecting thing is sorted!

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