2 Reasons Cork Flooring Should Be The Number One Choice For Your Commercial Property

December 8, 2021

If you are considering the idea of new flooring for your retail or commercial property in Melbourne, then cork flooring really should be one of your top considerations. It’s a completely natural material that offers much more than some of the less natural alternatives. Cork flooring is harvested from the bark of oak trees specifically for the purpose of providing an all-round superb choice of flooring for most buildings, especially retail and commercial premises. 

If your current floor needs replacing or, it’s looking a little passed its sell by date, here are 4 reasons why choosing cork flooring is a good idea.


If you run a business in a retail/commercial property, then looking after the maintenance of your floor is probably the last thing you want to be bogged down with; it’s one of the main reasons people choose to go for cork flooring over other materials. You’ll be pleased to hear that cork flooring is actually reasonably easy to maintain, if fitted and installed correctly. The installation process should be pretty straight forward; the main thing is that numerous coatings of a quality sealant are applied throughout the process.

The only thing that you’d need to do moving forward is to make sure that your cork flooring is cleaned on a regular basis, a mixture of vacuum cleaning and light mopping should do just the trick. Although the flooring should be sealed sufficiently, any spills should be attended to straight away to make sure that there isn’t any damage that may affect the colour of your floor. The sealant will need ‘re-doing’ however, that’s just a matter of making arrangements with your chosen supplier. One of the best parts of applying a new finish is that it can look like you’ve got brand new flooring all over again!


When choosing your cork flooring, you should find that it is available in a range of forms, including cork pieces and manufactured cork coupled with epoxy adhesives. Your choice of flooring could also be full cork throughout or laminated around a chipboard core, although, the best finish tends to be the most natural of cork flooring, made up of solid cork tiles that attached to the floor in the same manner you’d lay and install something like vinyl flooring.

The laminated plank variety of oak flooring is a newer form of cork flooring, which has a bottom layer of compressed cork and a core made up of medium-density or high-density fibreboard finished off with a top layer of high-quality cork. Similar to laminate flooring, these durable cork flooring planks are usually manufactured with lock in edges that enables them to be fitted in the same way, creating a floating floor, which would be installed on top of some kind of underlay or membrane.

Speak With A Professional

The only real way to know if cork flooring is the one for you is to speak with a professional who can provide you with the costs as well as a rundown of the various other benefits that you will be able to obtain if you go down the cork route.

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