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25 Awesome Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs For Women

December 7, 2015

Skull sleeve tattoos nowadays have emerged as one of the most dominant trends for both men and women. With a meaning of strength, fear but also showcasing the identity and spirit of a character, skull sleeve tattoos have been ‘worn’ globally and seen in many shapes and sizes.

Did you know that a T-shirt doesn’t look as good as with a skull tattooed arms than any other accessory?

Basically, the combination of tattoos that takes up the majority of the space on your arm is a full sleeve. Skull sleeve tattoos allow the creativity and design to interfere in the most dominant parts of the human body, transforming the character to a more badass, punk and cooler image of a dominant woman.

The skull sleeve tattoos are considered as a pure art in tattoo design. Simply because of their delicacy and the roundness of our arms, a skull sleeve tattoo can take anywhere from 5 to 25 hours to be completed, depending on the type of sleeve tattoo that is created and its difficulty. Another thing to know is that skull sleeve tattoos are normally completed over a few sessions, so that the design is impeccable.

Entire skull sleeve tattoo designs are complex but definitely worth the time and money – simply because they result in something phenomenal – a design that covers your arm in a creative way and speaks for your character best. However, due to their complexity the skull sleeve tattoo designs can get up to thousands of dollars range, which basically means that you should carefully plan your custom tattoo design and make sure your artist knows how much you can afford for a skull sleeve tattoo.


If you run a tattoo shop and you want more people to know about your unique tattoo designs, you can make these tattoo designs into custom die cut stickers to put on wall decorations in your shop as promotional tattoos An effective tool for patterns to attract customers or promote your business. In addition to the tattoo design on the sticker, you can also add the tattoo shop’s name, logo, address, etc. to let more people know about your shop.

Wondering what are the most popular skull sleeve tattoos and designs for Women?

Today, we present you the coolest skull sleeve designs that will make you more hip, dominant, attractive and definitely a more unique woman, looking good on anything that you’ll wear. Enjoy our 25 skull sleeve designs handpicked for you!

Rose and skull tattoos designs

Skull Tattoo for Women Arm tattoos

Half Sleeve Skull Tattoo Ideas for Women

Girly Sugar Skull done in Black pearl tattoo studio

Cute Skull Tattoo on Foot

Rose and skull tattoo on hip

Skull and Roses Tattoo on Upper Arm

Skull Tattoo for Woman

Sugar Skull Chest Tattoos for Female

Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoos Design

Cool Skull Tattoos Designs

Skull Tattoos For Girls

skull tattoos Designs Ideas

skull tattoos Ideas

Skull Sleeve Tattoos Women

Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs Women

Awesome Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs Women

skull tattoos designs

Awesome Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs Women

pirate skull tattoo on girl half sleeve

skull tattoos

skull sleeve tattoos for women awesome skull and flower quarter sleeve tattoo design for women pictures

skull flowers daisy girl half sleeve color tattoo

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