3 Amazing Tips for Buying Bathtub Pillow You Need to Keep in Mind

March 7, 2022

Have you ever thought about pampering yourself? Having a bath is a great way to give back to yourself. Similarly, having a tub enables you to clean since you immerse your whole body in water.

Bathing allows you to unwind by releasing stress and improving your mental health. However, your bathtub can be uncomfortable depending on its shape, so you need to add accessories like pillows. Getting a bath pillow can improve the bathing quality by making you comfortable. Read on to explore tips for buying bath pillows:

1. Consider the Cover Material

Bath pillows come in different covers made of other fabrics. When choosing a coat, ensure the material is washable and first dry. You do not want to have a bath without a pillow for bathtub. Before buying a pillow, confirm if it comes with a suction cup for better positioning. You may also come across small pads that cannot hold bathtubs, so they need durable suction cups for improved positioning. The fabric used to manufacture the cover needs simple washing instructions so that any member of your household can wash them.

2. The Pillow Stuffing

The stuffing in the pillows is done with different products. It is best to go for filler that is soft and firm. Remember, the filling will determine how the pillow is comfortable and supportive. Always make a point of asking the seller the filling they have used before buying a pillow for bathtub.   Similarly, look for all the available options and go with the most comfortable one. If you are allergic to particular stuffing like fiber chips, inform the seller to prevent them from selling fiber or any filler mixed with wool.

 Different stuffing also has other effects; for example, micro granules provide elastic, thus conforming to the shape of your body. While form is soft and supportive and beats heat, jelly-filled pillows work like cold compressors.

3. Your Budget plus Quality Matters

The amount of money you are willing to spend on a pillow for bathtub is a significant factor. The prices of the pads vary depending on the quality. It is best to go for a buffer that gives the best quality at a better price. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get the best price; instead, look for a quality product within your budget. The price also depends on the manufacturers and the location of the store. For instance, if you buy online from an international store, the shipping fees and taxes will increase the price than buying from a local store.

Your bath tub’s size also needs to determine the type of pillow you buy. If your bathtub is large, you need a large pillow, and if your tub is small, you will need a relatively slighter pillow. Using an extra-large pad in a small tub may cause discomfort by straining your neck. The coat needs to prevent molds and odors so that your pillow stays fresh. Having a waterproof cover on a pillow for bathtub also makes your pillow last longer since water will not spoil the stuffing.  

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