3 Reasons to Ditch Electric Heat for Propane

April 27, 2021

Propane is more efficient, reliable, and affordable than electric heat, yet just 5 percent of U.S. households are taking advantage of it, according to some of the latest statistics. The only reason that number isn’t higher is likely because people simply aren’t aware. Once you have an understanding of the benefits of propane over heat, you’ll be wishing you’d contacted your local propane supplier long ago. 

Propane is More Affordable and Efficient

In recent years the cost of propane has become much more affordable for heating homes as compared to electric systems. Additionally, propane water heaters come out on top of an electric heater when it comes to cost, and they can also recover water twice as quickly. They typically heat twice as much water in an hour as compared to an electric model. When you have a propane gas furnace, it heats the air to around 130- to 140-degrees Fahrenheit, operating in shorter intervals, minimizing operating costs. An electric heat pump produces heat that’s under the normal body temperature (less than 98.6 degrees). If you sit close to it, you’ll notice that the air is cooler, meaning it has to work harder to heat your home.

Yet another way propane can save you money is that a propane gas furnace lasts longer, an average of 20 years. Electric heat pumps, on the other hand, only last a little over half that time. If repairs are needed, propane gas furnace fixes are usually cheaper too. Propane ranges and ovens cost much less to operate than their electric counterparts. A gas stove will respond nearly instantly when the temperature is changed, providing better control of cooking, and even if there is a power outage, it will keep working.

Propane is Safe with Measurements That Are Easier to Understand

Propane has an outstanding safety record, thanks primarily to strict regulations and codes developed in partnership with the National Fire Protection Association. It has built-in safety measures so that it won’t ignite when mixed with air until the source of ignition is at least 940 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it’s easier to understand when it comes to measuring, measured in more familiar gallon terms rather than kilowatt hours.

Propane is Better For the Environment

With the growing concern of climate change, propane is quickly becoming a source an increasing number of people have been turning to in order to lessen the negative impact on the environment. Propane has long been considered “green” energy as one of the cleanest carbon-based fuels there is, which means by ditching electric heat for propane, you’ll be helping to cut emissions while doing your part to protect the environment. As it’s gas heat, there are no worries about leaving residues or spills.  It’s non-toxic, isn’t harmful to soil or water, and produces minimal emissions. Using propane to heat water, cook, dry clothes, and heat the spaces in your home can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 50 percent. Plus, while over two-thirds of the energy produced by a power plant to generate and transmit electricity is wasted, a propane furnace that’s highly efficient and clean-burning wastes much less – under 10 percent. 

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