3 Truck Must-Haves For Winter

December 31, 2019

Winter weather can be hard on your truck. Whether you’re driving a classic or a heavy-duty work truck, prevent rust and frost from forming on your favorite truck with these three must-have accessories. Power through winter weather confidently with dash covers for trucks and other protective products that match your exact truck make and model.

Dash Cover

You may not associate winter with harsh sunlight, but those UV rays can still do a number on your truck’s dash. Direct sunlight, over time, can fade your interior and dry out leather accents. Invest in a quality dash cover that fits your truck and matches your trim color. A dash cover can reflect sunlight while also protecting your dash from spilled coffee, snow and other moisture this winter. When spring finally rolls around, you want a truck that’s clean, stain-free and ready for a new coat of wax for a like-new shine.

Don’t invest in a generic dash cover that may not fit, but shop for a cover that’s designed for your exact make and model of truck. When you choose a custom dash cover, you’ll avoid slipping, improper coverage and unusual color options. Find a cover that matches your interior or pick up a unique accent color to brighten things up this winter.

Cab Cover

Your truck bed liner can take a blanket of snow without rusting, but it’s important to protect your cab area. Not only does excess moisture from snow and ice buildup increases the risk of rust, but road salt and other additives can corrode your exterior paint.

Quality pick up truck cab covers prevent dirty snow and road salt from staining, scratching and otherwise compromising your exterior paint. Don’t let small scratches turn into rust pockmarks on your favorite truck, but invest in an all-weather, outdoor cab cover that is made from water-resistant, breathable material.

A cab cover is a great way to save money while still protecting your truck. If your bed has a liner that’s designed to handle extreme weather conditions, you don’t need a full truck cover to protect it this winter. Use your savings to pick up a dash cover or other accessory to offer protection where you need it.

Custom Truck Cover

For even more protection, pick up a custom truck cover that matches the exact make and model of your favorite truck. A custom cover ensures every inch of your truck is protected from snow, slush and road salt. Save money by avoiding car washes in winter with a reliable car cover. When you’re away from home and the protection of your garage, a premium cover offers these benefits:

  • UV ray protection
  • Moisture resistance
  • Soft interior to prevent scratches
  • Tear-resistant exterior
  • Convenient, custom fit

Compare the latest custom truck covers online to find the best option for your truck. From reliable work trucks to pristine classic pickup trucks, your favorite truck deserves quality protection from all the elements. Stay safe this winter and keep your truck looking like new despite the snow, salt and other hazards of the season.

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