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4 Common Kitchen Equipment Issues and How to Fix Them

March 17, 2020

Kitchens are a focal point of any house.

You hang out, cook, eat, and socialize there with friends and family.

It’s no wonder many people spend a fortune on renovating, decorating and kitting them out. Average remodels, for example, cost as much as $75,000.

For these reasons, few things in life are more frustrating than faulty kitchen equipment! Thankfully, there are usually easy fixes available.

Want to know about four of the most common issues and how to fix them? Keep reading!

1. Noisy Fridges

The kitchen’s rarely quiet in a busy household.

Kids are screaming and running around, teenagers are moaning about something or other, mum or dad is cooking the evening meal, and guests are debating the latest political issue.

When quiet does eventually descend, though, another kitchen noise becomes apparent:

The low buzz, fizz, hum and/or knock coming from the fridge.

Annoying noise coming from fridge? It’s probably the compressor and the motor inside that’s at fault. Repair or replace the compressor and silence should be restored. Alas, you might need a pro to do it!

2. Ineffective Dishwashers

Let’s face it: everybody hates doing dishes. It’s surely one of the most universally hated aspects of life. That’s why it’s so frustrating when dishwashers suddenly stop cleaning as they should.
Thankfully, the fix is often easy.

For instance, you might just have to clean it!

Run a wash with vinegar inside to corrode any build-up; clear the drains of any gunk and debris. Check the filter to see if it’s blocked too. If that doesn’t do the trick, you might have to replace the spinning arms.

Alternatively, simply call a pro to take a look.

3. Microwaves

Microwaves are a godsend for hungry people in a hurry.

Unfortunately, they do break- and in a wide number of ways. The door latch might prevent it from shutting (or opening), the tray might stop turning, or the fan might stop removing the fumes.

The fix for any of those issues is relatively simple: get a new one.

Microwaves can be picked up for bargain prices! Deadset on repairing it instead? Depending on the problem, you might want to call the pros again.

The only issue you’ll have more luck with is a clogged grease filter. That can happen over time and it stops the fumes from being extracted. Give it a good clean and you should be good to go.

4. The Oven And Stove

Of all the things in the kitchen, nobody wants their range to break.

They’re both expensive and essential bits of kit.

The trouble is that they can stop working for a whole plethora of reasons. The ignition system can break on gas ranges; maybe the element inside the oven breaks.

Either way, there’s good news.

A simple clean might hold the key! Let the gunk and grime build up and it can cause a whole lot of trouble. Clearing it away with detergent and warm water can restore order.

Time To Fix Your Kitchen Equipment

A kitchen without functional equipment isn’t much good to anybody.

Hopefully, the tips in this post will ensure your kitchen equipment continues to work as it should!

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