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4 Home Updates to Make This Fall

October 6, 2023

As the leaves start to turn color and the temperatures drop in many areas across the country, there is no question that fall has arrived. It also sparks the arrival of another equally exciting season, and that is home renovations and updates. The cooler fall temperatures can make for the perfect time to do all those home projects on your list. But if you’ve got a rather large list of home projects, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here’s a look at four home updates that are perfect to do in the fall. 

Carpet Cleaning May Eliminate the Need to Replace It

For homes with carpeting, there’s no question that time can be rather rough on them. Between the dirt and grime that builds up and the stains that happen, they may be looking worse for wear. If you don’t have the budget or the desire to replace the carpets, give carpet cleaning a try. The results can be shocking and bring your carpets back to like-new condition.

You’ve got a couple of options with this task, as you can do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional company to clean them. A professional carpet cleaning company will use commercial-grade tools and products, so chances are you’ll get deeper, more noticeable results.

Kitchen Updates Are a Fabulous Way to Add Value

Not every update is guaranteed to add value to your home, but one safe bet is a kitchen makeover. Any updates and upgrades you make to the kitchen tend to hold their value extremely well. You can focus on simple DIY cosmetic updates, or go all-in and embrace a total gut job. It just comes down to your budget and expectations.

An Outdoor Firepit Extends the Season

If you live in an area of the country where fall is traditionally quite cool, then installing an outdoor firepit is a fabulous update for the fall. An outdoor firepit adds beauty to the landscaping, but it also provides a practical use as you can sit around it and keep warm. For those who love having guests over, a firepit is a must-have. You can use it to anchor an outdoor entertainment area that is welcoming and eye-catching.

Outdoor firepits come in all different sizes, shapes and styles just like those at Forshaw St. Louis. In terms of picking the best one for your yard, choose one that will be big enough for the space, gives off enough heat, and is easy to maintain.

Outdoor Repainting Gives the House a Fresh New Look

This is also a great time to do outdoor painting. Over time, it’s normal for wear and tear to take a toll on the home and the landscaping, so a little maintenance is needed.

Some of the items you may want to repaint or stain include:

The cooler fall temperatures can help the paint dry much faster and better, and it will be more comfortable to do the job.

No matter which of these projects you choose to do, you’re sure to get results that you love.

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