4 Things You Need to Check in Your Car Before Your Road Trip

January 18, 2019

After the busy schedule of weekdays, every one of us likes to go out with family and friends. But when you are with your loved ones, you should be even more careful about their safety and security. If you plan to go out on a road trip, you should inspect your vehicle first and ensure that your car is in good condition. When you go out anywhere with such preparations, it gives you a sense of relief and peace of mind.

There are four major things that you must check in your car before starting your road trip.


While driving at night or during early morning in foggy days it’s critical that the headlights and taillights are working properly. Check all of the vehicle’s exterior lights. To check all the lights, turn on all the lights and make sure that each one is lighting up. In fact, check your license plate light as well along with turn signals. Lights are essential when driving at hilly areas or any blurred or indistinct areas or in an unfamiliar region.

Wheels, Tires and Spare Wheel

Tires are obviously the most significant thing in a vehicle. To drive for a longer duration, the tires need to be in excellent condition. Check the surface of the tires to see if there is any deface or stress and also inspect tread depth of the tire, if the tire is reached to that point, just replace it as early as you can. Before going out, ensure that a spare wheel with a properly inflated tire, a jack, and a spanner, all are present in the vehicle in good condition. Also, check the pressure of all the wheels of your car to have a smooth ride. Check the for other important part called wheels bearing.

Brake pads

Brake pad is another vital thing to cross check before starting up your ride. Check if the composite inner part of brake pad is thicker than 5mm, if not then replace it. Check whether your hand brake is working accurately or not. To stop the car, the hand brake should not be clicked more than four times. If it is taking more than four clicks to stop, it is a risky thing to go with on the road.


Always check that there is no kind of leakage in your car from different parts and hoses. If underneath the car you see any signs of leakage of oil like fluid, just get your vehicle checked by a mechanic. Leakage in the car can be of many types. Some leakages are very risky like leakage in brake fluid drop the pressure and may cause brake failure.

So these are the primary and essential things to take care of while starting a travel on the road. After all, our safety is in our own hands. By adopting such precautions, we can save ourselves from big trouble. So, follow these guidelines and have a happy and safe journey.

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