4 Useful Tips When Buying Transformers Toys for Your Kids

March 18, 2020

Are you looking to buy some original transformers toys as gifts for your children? If your kids love transformers figures, the earliest transformers g1 toys are the perfect presents for them. However, there are several things you should consider when acquiring these vintage Transformers toys.

The 1980s Transformers toys remain popular among children and adult toy collectors due to their uniqueness and high resale value. Children love the gen 1 transformers because they can transform them. Collectors, meanwhile, buy these 80s transformers toys as they can reach a price as high as a used car when resold.

Things to Consider When Buying Vintage Transformers Toys

The gen 1 transformers toys are famous around the world. Children who have them as toys are thrilled and proud to bring with them when playing with their friends. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing
Transformers generation 1 toys:

  • Child’s interest – Before you look for transformers 80s toys to buy, make sure your kids like them and will be delighted to own one. Observe your kids discreetly to determine whether they will love your gifts or not.
  • Kid’s age – When choosing the toy to buy, make sure it is appropriate to your kids’ age. Buying toys that are complicated to transform for younger children may confuse and frustrate them.
  • Toys’ authenticity – Giving a bootleg transformers toy to your child as a gift may lead to his disappointment. Conduct thorough research and read the online reviews and comments before buying one. Also, buy only from a reputable transformers g1 toys seller to ensure your purchase is authentic.
  • Purpose of the toy – Consider your intention in buying the action figures. Purchase transformers vintage g1 toys that your children can enjoy, and can be resold later at high value if you experience financial difficulties in the future.

Recommended Transformers Toys to Buy

If you are looking for the rarest transformers g1 toys for your kids, you must be prepared to spend some money to acquire them. Here are some of the toys you may consider:

  • G1 Squawktalk And Beastbox – These transformers figures are different from the other models as they can transform as a gorilla, pterodactyl, and a cassette tape, aside from their regular robot figure.
  • G1 Guard City Gift Set – This collection of multiple Transformers toys comes from the Japanese series “Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers.” The Guard City is an extraordinarily rare action figure consisting of rescue vehicles like fire trucks. This collection is a “Free-Combiner” set, wherein each robot can be formed together in any order rather than a fixed order.
  • G1 Beastforce Liokaiser – If you want an exclusive Japanese first-generation cartoon character, buy this combined robotic form of the Beastforce called Liokaiser. This transformers collection features all six Beastforce members. Your kids can transform the robots on their own. Of course, they can also be integrated to create the fantastic Liokaiser.
  • G1 Battle Gaia Gift Set – This is a very rare transformers toy. It also originates from the Japanese exclusive series “Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers.”

    Transformer toys remain as popular gifts to children who love the Transformers franchise. By buying the appropriate toys for your kids, they can receive the best presents in their lifetime, and you will become a superhero in their eyes.

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