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5 Anti Aging Tips for Your Skin: 2020 Edition

February 5, 2020

We have outlined the secret anti aging tips you need to know this year! Get started today with this article. Your skin will thank you!

Aging happens to each and every one of us, but you don’t have to worry about it every day of your life. Some people have mastered the art of aging gracefully by welcoming the crease on their foreheads as a sign of wisdom or maintaining their grey hairs. While others are stacking their medicine cabinets with some of the best products promising to stop aging right in its tracks.

But perhaps when it comes to keeping your face as youthful as a baby’s, not any old anti-aging techniques will work. Once you make small but smart changes to your skincare routine, for example, you can also use Korean skin care products which will help you make your skin look younger and help reduce wrinkles or you can also change your day to day routine. Either way, you’ll successfully erase the effects of time on your skin. We have outlines the secret anti-aging tips you need to know this year! 

Your skin will thank you.

1. Utilize Sunscreen

If there’s one thing every person needs to protect their skin from premature aging, this is it. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, fine lines, a blotchy complexion, brown spots, skin laxity, and uneven texture. But you can completely avoid this by utilizing the right sunscreen in the best ways.
Using sunscreen consecutively can help prevent the negative effects that the sun has on your skin. A study from 2013 by the Annals of Internal Medicine proved that after applying sunscreen for three to four days a week, you’re less likely to see an increase in photo-aging after four years over those who don’t. Be sure to buy broad-spectrum sunscreens with SPF 30 or more and mineral sunscreens such as zinc oxide to best protect against both UVA and UVB.

The best anti-aging tips will tell you to apply sunscreen in more areas than just your face. Rub some on your neck, the back of your hands, and decolletage. These are delicate areas that people often neglect and ultimately show the earliest signs of aging.

2. Use Retinoids

Along with sunscreens, applying retinoids is one of the best things anti-aging methods on our list. Retinoids and retinol are the MVP of anti-aging skin care products and have been used since the 1980s. Their anti-aging effects are fast-working and highly effective.

Retinoids are “cell communicators” that attach to most skin cells and get them to work like younger healthier versions of themselves. In turn, cell turnover speeds up and thickens the dermis which results in plumper, firmer, younger-looking skin. Retinol increases the production of collagen and approves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Decrease Your Stress

One of the best anti-aging skin care tips is to practice de-stressing as often as possible. Having chronic stress can cause detrimental and severe changes in your body’s metabolism which will accelerate the aging process. Similar to a canary in a coal mine, you can expect your skin to show those negative effects.

The impact that stress has on your skin stems from your DNA. A study in 2012 published by PLOS ONE revealed that work-related fatigue accelerates aging starting from your cells. The study’s participants who experienced chronic work-related stress had much shorter telomeres. Since these protect the ends of chromosomes, the shorter they are, the further into the aging process you are.

But on the other end of the spectrum, by practicing relaxation methods every day like meditation or yoga, you could alter how your genes respond to stress. A 2011 study in Psychoneuroendocrinology discovered that mediation can increase the activity of telomerase. The more you practice relaxation, the better chances you have at reversing the aging process and reconnecting your body for a more restorative experience, ultimately improving your anti-aging peptides.

4. Consider Low-Impact Exercise

Working out can lead to impactful genetic and metabolic changes that’ll increase energy while slowing down aging. When done in moderation, regular exercise can increase the expression of your antioxidant enzymes. These, in turn, defend against the negative effects of free radicals linked to aging.

Sweating on a regular basis after a good workout could take years off of your skin. Producing sweat helps with flushing out cell debris from your pores and can improve the clarity of your skin. In essence, when you perspire, you’re rinsing off your impurities.

5. Take Control of Your Sleep

After a good night’s sleep, you’re prone to looking and feeling your best, while not getting enough rest can have seriously negative effects on your skin in the long term. The quality of your sleep plays a big role in skin health and aging since poor sleep is linked to accelerated skin aging while reducing the skin’s ability to recover after skin exposure.

While you should be aiming for six to eight hours of sleep a night, you also want to ensure that your face is clean and clear. You should always remove your makeup before bed. Failing to wash your face could potentially prematurely age your skin.

Since environmental pollutants pile up in any makeup on the skin’s surface which drives the generation of free radicals. Those free radicals attacks contribute to healthy collagen and elastin breaking down while preventing the structure of your skin to hold. Basically, makeup holds onto all the day’s dirt, so to best avoid bringing those toxins into your bed, wash your face before sleepy time.

Consider These Anti-Aging Tips

Before you lose hope that aging only works one way, consider our anti-aging tips. They’re designed to strengthen your skin cells and slow down the effects of aging so you can get back to your youth!
Try adding these anti-aging methods to your daily routine today. Check out more great content like this on our blog!

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