5 Awesome Tourist Attractions In Hanoi

March 22, 2019

Apart from the common and notorious places in the world like the modern wonders of the world – the Taj Mahal in India, The Pyramids of Egypt or the Coliseum in Italy, there are many other popular tourist centers in the world. Have you ever wondered that as large as the planet is, there is so much more to travel and grasp? Yes, there are many places in the world with fascinating landscapes yet to be explored.

Have you heard of Hanoi in Vietnam?

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam is one of those places you can visit with your family on vacation. It has beautiful, historical and awe-inspiring spaces and figures to behold.

In case you are in search of an awesome place to spend your holidays with relatives, friends or significant other, this article is solely for you. Let’s look at five awesome tourist attractions in the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi.

  1. Water Puppet Theatre

In the light of seeing awesome and amazing things, water puppet theatre is one of places to visit. It’s a different puppet show, quite unalike from ones you have been seeing or ever seen before. A number of weird but funny looking puppets stream into the stage in water, with a musical background. This old work of art previously advanced in Vietnam’s country zones, amid the months of the rainstorm paddy field flooding, it is currently for the most part performed in uniquely crafted water pools instead of outside. Exhibitions generally revolve around surely understood neighborhood legends and are joined by a live band utilizing customary Vietnamese instruments. It is a place where you can enjoy going in the evening, even though they have about five great shows per day.

  1. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Hanoi. It is an establishment for the sole remembrance of their beloved leader. It is the last resting spot of Ho Chi Minh, the most notable and well-known pioneer of Vietnam, referred to as ‘Uncle Ho’. His body is protected here in a glass case at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi (but against his desires). The mausoleum is a place of prestige, a place to pay respects and appreciation to the great leader. Therefore, you should avoid taking pictures that disturb the mood. Hold your horses and reserve your Instagram and Facebook stories for later. A trek to Uncle Ho’s last resting spot can be a phenomenal experience as it is not only an amazing place to be but also, an important spot that shows the history of Vietnam.

  1. Military Museum

This is a rather educative and entertaining place to view and learn about the history of Vietnamese and its past wars. You get to see many weapons of mass destruction used in the last centuries. There is an exhibition hall showing a mixed blend of weaponry and military machines including those that brought down French and US planes, tanks, and a Soviet military aircraft. This will bear some significance with those with curiosity about Vietnam’s twentieth century history. If you are the kind that usually admires fighting jets and other machineries utilized in wars, I can bet that this place is for you. In this incredible museum, you get to see them in real life, without being in danger.

  1. Huan Kiem Lake

A prominent and infamous place in Hanoi, indulged by many tourists and sightseers. The lake is filled with historical memories related to Vietnamese culture. With a mesmerizing and romantic view to behold during the evening hours, it is a place to learn many things and get acquainted with the Vietnamese values and ancient background. On the lake is a small island where a temple named Ngoc Son Temple is located. Ngoc Son Temple is known for the preservation of three historical figures who contributed to the war in the past centuries.

  1. Ba Vi National Park

Occasionally, it is exciting and fun to appreciate the beautiful works of nature. Ba Vi National Park is a natural place that holds a measure of dazzling magnificence, two hours away from Downtown Hanoi. It is well-known for its pretty and not-too-tall mountains that bulges steeply out of sight, regularly beaten by clouds. It is a great and remarkable place to enjoy the amazing and expansive views of Nature.

These five places are just a tip of the iceberg. Check here the complete list of Hanoi’s sightseeing attractions and pay a visit to this magnificent Asian city.

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