5 Different College Professors and How to Excel in Their Classes

November 21, 2018
College Professors

At college, you are going to encounter different types of professors. These people have devoted their careers to study and have become experts in extremely specialized topics which they find so fascinating that they continue to research these topics and teach them to students throughout their lives.

Some of them are fantastic profs, and the others are more GenuineWriting to work with so you might even need to find tutors at a reliable custom writing service to complete academic papers that will meet their tricky requirements. But you should do your best to have good relationships with your professors if you want to get high grades in their classes. Wondering what will make your professors happy? You should come to their classes prepared and ready to be engaged. Besides, they are likely to be glad if you stop by in office hours to introduce yourself or ask some questions about the course.

Here is a list of the types of professors you’ll have to deal with in college and some recommendations on how to do well in their classes.

The Snooze

The Snooze
You are likely to encounter boring professors during your first years at college just because you’ll need to take certain classes due to graduation requirements. These classes may not necessarily be relevant to your major or interests.

The courses you’ll take with boring professors may even sound great in theory, but you will be disappointed with the teaching methods. They may teach straight from the textbooks or PowerPoint slides and don’t give extra insights. You may need to have a lot of patience to listen to their monotonous voices during their lectures because one hour you spend with them may feel like years.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t skip their lectures and attend as many classes as possible because it is better to get some exposure to the new material at a boring lecture than skip it altogether. Besides, some professors may give extra credit just for showing up to class.

The Professor That Gets You Excited for Class

The Professor That Gets You Excited for Class
Most professors like what they do and are really passionate about the subjects they teach. They are good public speakers and give effective lectures. You may not be necessarily interested in the subjects they teach, but you are sure to like to attend their classes and enjoy studying. Such professors explain their requirements in the first class, so you know exactly what you are expected to do get a high grade. You should always turn in your homework on time or stay after class for an in-depth discussion.

The One You Can’t Understand

The One You Can’t Understand
You will encounter many professors of this type during your college career. At classes, you typically can’t understand a single word that they are saying, especially for those seated at the back of classrooms that have many lecture hall seats. Your professor may have a thick accent, speed through his lessons, whisper in a lecture of 150+ students or use devilishly long words that you can’t even vaguely decipher. They can make you feel confused about the topics they teach, and you may even be sorry you came to college.

But you shouldn’t blame your professors because they try to do their best. They will help you if you can’t understand their lectures – you only have to ask. You may ask for assistance during office hours or look for the lecture notes online. If you find the notes, you’ll be able to pay more attention to the lesson. You can also look ahead in the textbooks, and you’ll easier follow along.

The Self-Promoter

A professor who belongs to this type tries to showcase his/her publications and accomplishments to students. So don’t be surprised if the only textbook for your class is available at the university bookstore and they sell them at a ridiculously high price because these textbooks were written by your professor.

It goes without saying that you should attend all their lectures and go to office hours. Since these professors are the authors of the textbooks, they are experts in the material that is presented in them. Don’t miss the chance to ask them additional questions to get insights that you can’t find in their books.

The Unprepared Professor

Unprepared Professor
Sometimes, you may encounter a professor that is completely unorganized and typically runs into class 10 minutes late. He/she is never prepared for classes and is not enthusiastic about teaching. They may even get off track from their syllabus or push back due dates for themselves to catch up. And sometimes, it can take the entire semester to grade your test.

You are unlikely to learn much, but you can still get a good grade. You should only try to stay on top of the syllabus even if your professor can’t manage that.

Whether you college professor is the most amazing or the most boring, you should work hard and develop your own learning style to perform well.

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