5 Family Outdoor Sports That You Should Give A Try

February 25, 2021

Some parents wonder what to do to bond more with their kids and at the same time make the said kids happy. In light of this, we would be sharing five outdoor sports families can try.

In these sports, everyone gets to participate and nobody gets to feel left out. Collected.Reviews serves as a good place to help you in making the best decisions on these sports, going by the feedback of various parents. Outdoorplay customer reviews will also expose you to a wide variety of options by virtue of letting you in on the experiences of other families.

Below are the five outdoor sports that you should totally try with your family!

1. Reading: We bet you giggled on seeing reading as the first on our list. No, not the usual reading with faces buried in books and all the mundane atmosphere. In this reading, you go out to a cool place, most preferably under a large tree. You all sit and read the same story and discuss it too. You go with snacks to make it more fun. If your kids are big enough to read, they could take turns in reading fun stories to themselves. If they’re little, you do the reading. This sport doesn’t just make you and your family happy; it also builds your intellect. Double win!

2. Gardening: This is yet another interesting sport that you should not ignore at all. Gardens are fun places to be in. The beautiful green plants and bright colored butterflies jumping from place to place would make anyone naturally joyful. Most spontaneous kids have a thing for gardens. You should also note that there must not be a lot of work to do before you go gardening. You can take out the family to hand-weed all the tiny grasses, tend to the nursery or just have fun seeing all the beautiful things bloom.

3. Running: Running is excellent for family fitness as well as bonding. On some mornings or evenings, just take out the family all dressed in fine sport clothes, and run some kilometres. Run at considerable paces where everyone gets to engage fully in all the little conversations as you all run along.

4. Walking: Walking is an awesome sport for families. Take brisk walks and relish the breath of fresh air that comes with it. Walking is very fun when done in groups! And this is why we ask you to try it out with your family.

5. Swimming: You don’t have to be an expert to swim. Don’t be afraid. You and your family can have fun by going all out in beautiful swimsuits to shallow pools. You get to enjoy the coolness of the water against your skin, splash water against each other amidst laughter as well as being very joyful. Your family would absolutely love this sport.


Family fun is very important in building solid relationships and generally bonding. Good thing is; it doesn’t cost a million dollars to have all these fun things. This is why we have compiled this amazing list for the enjoyment of you and your family. Go all out and have all the fun!

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