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5 Fitting Gifts for Dog Lovers

June 6, 2020

Are you wondering what gift to buy a friend or relative who is also crazy in love with dogs? Click here for a list of fitting gifts for dog lovers.

Are you looking for fun and quirky gift ideas for the dog lovers in your life? From personalized doggy portraits to reusable portable water bottles, there’s something for every dog and dog parent in your life.

Practical gifts that make the pet owner’s life easier are always a great idea. For instance, robot vacuum cleaners that clean the house while the dog owner is away is the perfect gift for a busy household.

Here are five amazing and affordable gifts for dog lovers that’ll make the dog owners in your life jumping with joy.

1. Personalized Dog Portrait

A personalized custom dog portrait is a unique gift for dog lovers in your life. You can order a portrait online or commission a local artist to draw one for you.

For the pet portrait to be as authentic as possible, you should send over a photo of the pup to the artist so they can recreate the pet’s unique features.

Then, you can order different print sizes or have the dog portrait printed on a coffee mug, key chain, t-shirt, and doormat.

2. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A house with dogs is a house full of dog hair, but luckily, there’s a quick and easy solution to get rid of it. A robotic vacuum cleaner that does all the work on its own is one of the best gifts for dog lovers.

The dog owner can adjust the settings and time of cleaning and control it from their phone. Another great gift is a cordless hand vacuum that’s handy and practical for cleaning furniture and tight corners.

3. Portable Water Dispenser

Keenly observe your pet as it grows so as to know when to adjust the portion sizes. If it seems to hold on to its puppy pudge for too long, it could be a sign that you are overfeeding the pet. If your pup is leaving food in its dish, it may mean that you can lessen the portions or drop 3 meals for two. Additionally, if your pet is getting loads of treats all day, you may have to adjust the meal sizes. After establishing the ideal feeding schedule, ensure that your dog drinking a lot of water. You can put out fresh clean water every morning and evening. Besides this, you can also offer your pet water after activities because they can get pretty thirsty after this. Dog owners love walking their dogs and exercise with them, but after an hour of running, it’s hard to keep the pup hydrated. A portable water dispenser with a special attachment to serve as a water bowl is among the most practical presents for dog lovers and their pups.

This way, they never have to worry about finding drinkable water and enjoy all outdoor adventures and long walks.

4. Dog DNA Test

Unless they’re purebred, many dogs are a mix of different breeds that give them their looks and personality. If the dog owner isn’t sure about the pup’s family tree, you can gift them a dog DNA test that’ll break down the dog’s exact background.

This is a fun project, but it’s also useful for the dog owner to see if there are any health conditions or hereditary traits they should watch out for.

5. Dog Print Clothes

Passionate dog lovers love expressing their love for their furry friends by wearing dog print clothes and shoes. You can gift them a t-shirt or a baseball cap with a funny dog quote or dog print shoes.

A dog paw necklace or a sweet dog collar for the pup is another thoughtful gift for dog owners. You can also make custom matching dog and owner t-shirts to personalize the gift.

Get Inspired With These Cute Gifts for Dog Lovers

Whether you’re a dog owner yourself or want to surprise someone who is, these gifts for dog lovers will help you pick something special for the dog lover in your life.

Want more gift ideas for your loved ones? Find more tips in the other articles on our website and stay tuned for the latest news and updates.

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