5 Promotional Products For Business That Are Really Worth Branding

July 18, 2020

What’s the best way to promote your business? Well, with free stuff of course! However, you don’t want to give just anything away with your logo on it. You should carefully consider the promotional products you chose to promote your business.
Who is your target demographic? You don’t want to give away branded matchbooks if your business caters to children or earbuds to older folks who may not use much technology.

Keep reading to learn the 5 best promotional products that your customers (and colleagues) will actually use.

1. Promotional Reusable Metal Water Bottles

Did you know by using a reusable metal water bottle you can divert 1,460 plastic bottles from landfills per year? Every business should strive to be more eco-friendly. Not only is it good for the environment, but having your logo on reusable metal water bottles is a great way to gain exposure, as people bring them everywhere.

2. Custom Buttons

The best types of promotional items you can use to promote your business are wearables. We are naturally curious about what others are wearing.

Custom buttons are a cost-effective way to spread the news about your business. You won’t find dozens of buttons sitting on top of the garbage bin at the end of a convention. Check out all the different styles and products you can buy at

3. Promotional T-shirts

Who doesn’t love free clothes? Crowds go wild at sports games and fight each other in the stands to catch the tees blasted out of a t-shirt cannon. Promotional t-shirts are the way to go.

Giving out stylish and fun t-shirts that people want to wear is a fantastic way to get conversations started about your brand. Think about it, everyone reads the shirts of those nearby—it’s free real estate!

4. Promotional Power Banks

You can likely count on both hands how many times you have left the house, phone in hand, only to realize you have 10% battery left. It happens to your customers, too. Power banks are a type of portable battery you can use to charge any number of electronics.

You’ve likely borrowed a phone charger or power bank from a friend before–giving out promotional power banks will help new customers gain a positive association with your brand.

5. Customized Tote Bags

Similar to reusable water bottles, everyone could use a nice tote bag. Tote bags are a versatile promotional product that is sure to spread your image.

People use tote bags at the grocery store, the beach, or in place of a purse or backpack. Giving away a stylish customized tote bag with your logo will get the word out about your business everywhere.

Who Wouldn’t Want These Cool Promotional Products?

If you wouldn’t walk up to a table to pick up a business’s promotional items, chances are your customers wouldn’t either. So before you order hundreds of unsharpened pencils or boxes of flimsy frisbees, think about what promotional items your customers will really want to use. Choosing the right promotional gear will help spread the identity of your brand around and help you gain new clients right away.

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