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5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career in Construction

July 29, 2020

Unless you have a specific passion it can be difficult to know what career you want to pursue. The good news is that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate is low at just 7.4%. That means there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore.

But, one thing you may not have considered, that you should, is a career in construction. This may seem like an unusual choice considering the industry is likely to contract by 5.7% during 2020. But, if you’re worried about job security you can also work for an agency that specializes in civil construction labor hire, you’re virtually guaranteed work.

Why The Construction Industry?

There are 5 good reasons to choose a career in construction t

Job Security

The construction industry is always in demand. Even during the pandemic construction was deemed an essential career. Although advancements in technology will change the job roles the indications are there will be a need for more workers. The technological advancements will merely allow more houses to be built safely, workers need to operate those machines.

It’s likely to be one of the few industries that offer a job for life.

Good Salary

Construction workers can expect to earn u to $95,000 per year. That’s significantly more than many other career choices. In fact, earnings can go higher than this if you move through the ranks and manage a construction firm in the future.

Best of all, you can enter this industry without having a degree and still do well over time.

Bright Future

This is not the old industry or hard-as-nails men with checkered shirts, jeans, and work boots. Technical advances mean that blueprints flapping in the wind are no longer an option. Even the traditional hammer and nails have been replaced with power tools.

In short, anyone who wants to can build a career in the construction industry.

Great Job Satisfaction

There is no desk, freedom every day, and the opportunity to be a part of some great projects, in a variety of locations. It’s hard to have a more appealing job than that.

Every day is different, challenging, and rewarding, giving you job satisfaction. This is especially true when you can see the fruits of your labor. For example, walking past a new skyscraper knowing that you helped to build it.

In effect, you’re building the future for everyone.

Independent Work

A career in the construction industry can be as varied as you wish. But, it will also teach you an array of skills that will allow you to go it alone, if you want to. There are plenty of small construction firms that have flourished in recent years.

If you choose this path you’ll have all the skills you need to find work anywhere in the world, for yourself or for a firm.

That’s freedom and independence, the ability to go anywhere and earn money while doing something that you enjoy!

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