6 Cost-Effective Ways to Pack for Your Move

May 16, 2022

Are you moving to a new house? Every homeowner is excited about relocating to a new place. After all, you get to redecorate your humble adobe, host guests, and experience a new living style. However, moving from one place to another can be stressful and costly. It doesn’t matter if you are moving down the lane or to another city; the entire process is challenging. 

You have to purchase packing materials that include wrapping tape, boxes, labels, cartons, etc. Likewise, you have to find reliable commercial movers to carry the boxes to your new home. Don’t you think this will cost an arm? Of course, it would, but you can always find ways to cut back on the moving expenditure. Perhaps, you can take up a few DIY projects. Instead of paying for packing services, pack everything yourself. 

You have to be ready to invest a lot of hard work and time in the moving process to ensure it remains inexpensive. To help you further, here are a few tips and tricks. 

Here we have highlighted six cost-effective ways to pack for your move. 

  • Clean Up & Declutter

Before you start packing, take out some time to sort your belongings. You will come across multiple things that you no longer use or need. You might not want to throw them away, but you can always explore other options. Maybe, donate a few things to an NGO or your friends. Likewise, you can store your belongings in storage units for the time being. It won’t take up any space in your new home, yet you will have access to your belongings 24/7. 

Having fewer things while relocating will significantly reduce the moving cost. Even if you hire a moving company, they won’t charge much since you have few boxes. Therefore, declutter your wardrobe, kitchen, and living room beforehand. In addition to making moving cost-effective, it will make packing much easier. 

  • Utilize Containers & Plastic Boxes

The main items you will have to purchase during the moving out process are cardboard boxes. Even though they are durable, you won’t need them once you have moved to the new place. At the same time, some might even get damaged during the moving process. All in all, there is no point in spending hefty money on these boxes. So, a good option is to rent plastic moving boxes. Many companies rent out containers at affordable rates to simplify the moving process. 

Moreover, you can also utilize plastic containers in your home. Depending on their size, you can fit in clothes, utensils, crockery, bed linens, or even jewelry. You can also utilize your baskets and hampers to pack some of your belongings. They have a lot of storage space; hence, make sure you use them properly to avoid renting or buying a lot of moving boxes.  

  • Move Off-Season

Most people wait for holidays to begin their moving process. In addition to being convenient, they can devote all their time and effort to the moving journey. However, this might be costly. It is the peak season, and the demand for movers and packing supplies is high. As a result, you will get everything done at a higher price, draining a lot of extra dollars. 

So, why not move out off-season? Perhaps, you can move out during weekdays, winters, or off-peak times. The professional moving companies won’t have much activity going, ensuring they provide optimal service at affordable rates. 

  • Pack in Garbage Bags 

Another way to reduce the packing expense is by packing some of your belongings in a garbage bag. Soft-weight items such as cushions, bed linens, pillows, and even stuffed toys can fit in long-lasting trash bags. These bags don’t tear up easily and are super cheap, more like a cost-efficient packing option. 

Moreover, you can also carry your clothes in garbage bags. Perhaps, you can wrap a trash bag around a group of hanging clothes and secure the bag’s bottom with a rubber band. All the garments together with hangers wrapped in these garbage bags will be safe to carry during the moving out process. 

  • Use Alternative Wrapping Materials 

Alongside packing material and moving containers, you would need loads of wrapping and cushioning material. It includes packing material, bubble wrap, foam padding, etc. You would also need a few proficient packing supplies that come at a hefty cost. If you want to avoid these costs, look below at some cheap packing ideas.

  • Do you have fragile items? If so, wrap them in towels or clothes instead of purchasing bubble wrap. The thick fabric of towels and dresses will keep the fragile items secure, ensuring they reach the new place scratch less. 
  • Similarly, you can wrap glasses and other breakable items in clean socks rather than covering them in packing paper. 
  • Further, use dollar stone balloons or sealable plastic bags. These are far better than professional packaging air pillows and airbags. In addition, they are super affordable too. 
  • Host a Garage Sale

Most homeowners aren’t willing to give away their belongings. Some think they might need those things later, while others have emotional attachments. Practically, you can get a few bucks in exchange for your old furniture and belongings, which can come in handy during the moving out process. Thus, consider hosting a garage sale before you move out and get rid of all the old stuff. Your neighbors, friends, and family can drop by and shop from the sale. 

Besides this, you can also list your sale items on a local site free of cost. All the extra cash from the garage sale will help you move easily. Also, you will be paying a smaller amount to pack since you will have fewer belongings to move. If any of your friends have had a garage sale recently, get some advice on advertising and conducting a successful garage sale. 

Final Thoughts 

As excited as people are to move to a new home, the entire process remains stressful and expensive. From purchasing packing material to packing everything – you have to put in a lot of time and effort. Simultaneously, you have to stay within budget to avoid overspending. So you pack yourself, find alternative packing material, and get rid of things you no longer need. Likewise, look for packing hacks to further save up on the costs.

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