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6 Ways to Give Your Powder Room a Stunning Makeover

November 7, 2018
Powder Room

Even if most powder rooms tend to be really small, it’s the perfect spot to go crazy with interior design and make your dreams come to life. Think about textured walls, bold wallpaper, elegant fixtures, and amazing accessories. Since most guests use it to freshen up, take this opportunity to impress them. Contrary to popular belief, giving your powder room the makeover it needs isn’t as hard you thought it would.

Here are six ways you can give your powder room a stunning makeover it deserves:

1. Go Big or Go Home

While neutral colors – tan, white, sand, and beige – may dominate your home’s interior, it doesn’t mean should do the same with your powder room. It’s a safe place to let loose and bring out your crazy, creative side.

It’s a rule of thumb that you should paint small spaces with bright, neutral colors to make it look bigger. You can certainly break the rules when dealing with powder rooms. In fact, it’s better if you use bold colors, textured walls, or patterned wallpapers to turn the room into something extraordinary. Feel free to use hot pink, purple, and fuchsia if you’re going for a feminine look. For a more classy and sophisticated feel, you can combine black, gold, and silver.

2. Install the Fairest Mirror of Them All

Fairest Mirror
Most of the time your guests spend in powder rooms is to powder their face and looking at themselves in the mirror. Since we’re short on space, we can’t exactly put up a lot of decorative pieces. You can make up for it by putting a big, beautiful, statement mirror that can act as art at the same time. A decent-sized mirror with a decorative frame makes the room look bigger, and it gives the room character.

Statement mirrors look better than the ones with bigger mirror with no frame or the ones added by the contractor. These mirrors definitely do not add a “wow” factor compared to mirror with elaborate designs. So for your powder room, make sure to pick the fairest mirror of them all.

3. Set the Mood with Proper Lighting

Proper Lighting
Don’t worry too much about the size of the room. Honestly, I don’t think anyone has ever walked into a powder room and expected to see a bungalow in there. However, there are a few tips and tricks to make the room seem larger. Other than adding statement mirrors, proper lighting goes a long way in tricking people into thinking the room is bigger than it really is. Choose a type of light (pendants and scones) that will go well with the vanity and mirror.

However, proper lighting does not mean you should flood every nook and cranny with light. As a matter of fact, a darker room with dimmed lights creates an ambiance of sophistication and class.

4. Put Up Aesthetically-Pleasing Hardware and Fixtures

Think of the hardware and fixtures as the jewelry of the powder room. They not only have to match your powder room aesthetic, but they also have to be eye-catching as well. Make sure to pick the ones that stand out from the typical fixtures you find in the store. The littlest details give your room character and depth it needs.

5. Work Your Way to More Storage Space

Storage Space
While space is limited in powder rooms, you can still have enough room for all the storage you need. It just takes a little creativity on your part. For example, you can put wicker baskets under the sink to store essentials, toiletries, and bath hand towels. You can also add a small cabinet under it. If you have more space, you can get a chest or ottoman to store more items.

6. Add Accessories

The most fun part of interior decorating is picking out the accessories! It’s important to choose the right accessories to match your theme and to and to make your room look extra glam. You can add a mural to your wall, or hang your favorite art. Pick a cute soap dish, liquid soap and lotions container, and a nice little figurine you can put on the counter. If you have shelves, place vases, books, magazines, and other décor on them too. To complete the look and set the mood, you can put scented candles and light dimmers.

If there’s one place where you can design your heart you, it’s the powder room. Use bold colors, buy the accessory you’ve always wanted, be bold and try new things! Go big or go home. Let your creative juices flow or find inspiration from Pinterest boards – whatever you do, have fun in the process. When you’ll have guests over and they go inside your powder room, you’ll have trouble getting them out!

Ezra is a recent graduate from Mindanao State University with a degree of Entrepreneurial Marketing. Soon after she graduated, began researching and doing copywriting work for BCBestFlooring.ca. The topics she mainly writes are about real estate, home improvements and interior design.

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