7 Must-haves for Bow Hunting: What you Need to Get Started

June 2, 2021

The idea of going for bowhunting is very luring but it is more important to be geared up before the adventure. Bowhunting seems fun, but it can be equally problematic if you do not consider the pre-requisites. There are few essentials you cannot miss before going on a successful and smooth hunting experience and bow hunting camo is definitely on the list. Wise bowhunters prefer walking into an archery store to get essentials for the tasks and even try the latest gadgets. Following is a list of top 7 must-haves for you to go for bowhunting:


The backpack is the first and foremost essential in bowhunting. Backpacks come in different sizes and shapes, find one that can carry other essentials like flashlight, first-aid kit, lunch, water, and other objects easily. A good backpack will sustain heavy loads comfortably and distribute some weight on the hips of the bowhunter. Find a suitable backpack from a nearby archery store run by a hunter.

Arrows, Bows, and Broadheads

Bowhunting is not possible without bows, that is an obvious fact. Before going for a hunt, buy some quality arrows, bow, and appropriate broadheads. Get the bow that is set to reasonable draw weight and fits with your necessary accessories. Buy arrows with fine field points. You can get all three of them from a reputable and renowned store like Bow Hunting Camo.

Field-Dressing Kit

This kit includes equipment like a knife sharpener, sharp knife, and latex gloves. This kit must be with you on every hunt. You should keep a bone saw for back-country elk hunts. A latex glove and knife should be kept for deer hunts. Always keep a printout of field dressing instructions in your kit.


Boots are as essential as other equipment. Purchase the best comfortable boots that you can wear for long hour hikes and walks. Choose warm boots in winter and breathable ones in summer. With dry, warm, and blister-free feet you can hunt easily. Visit reputable stores and purchase good fitting and comfy quality boots for your bowhunting adventure. 

Hunting Clothes

Hunting clothes play a key role in your bowhunting experience. These clothes must match the physical features where you hunt. Wear lightweight clothes during early-autumn hunting when it is warm. Make sure that your clothes do not cause any bowstring displacement because of fabric. Your hunting clothes must fit critical situations of bowhunting.

Flashlight, Maps, Compass

These three essentials help you out when you are lost or when you want to navigate your way out of the forest. The flashlight will help you find your way around when it is dark. Maps and compass will help you mark the locations of your start point, rest point, hunting field, and your way out. You can buy these essentials from a reputable archery shop.

Bow Accessories

There are plenty of bow accessories. The most important and widely used of them is a quiver that bowhunters attach with their traditional bow, crossbow, or shooting compound. A bow-sight is also another essential accessory for aiming. This is a reference point and has around 6 pins that the bowhunter can adjust individually according to distance. 

These are all top essentials that a bowhunter must have in order to get started. You can buy this from your nearest and well-reputed archery stores or any online store. 

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