All About iPhone 13 Mobile Features

February 1, 2022

Apple’s iPhone event is just around the corner, and this year’s new iPhone 13 mobile features are very likely to be the stars of that show. Much like last year, it seems that Apple will release three models of its latest smartphone: The eleven-year-old flagship model, the iPhone XS (or whatever they decide to name it); A larger, iPhone XS Max (not an official name) size upgrade; And a less expensive — but still premium quality — version. All should debut at Apple’s September 12 Apple Event.

Apple has advertised for months now that this will be “the year of iPhone 13 mobile features” -and given how many years in a row without much innovation, their smartphones have lagged behind its competitors, the pressure is on.

The iPhone 13 mobile features have been a source of many rumors and leaks in recent months. The following list includes all that we know so far about Apple’s upcoming iPhone models:

-iPhone XS-

What we know: Leaked documents from Apple partner Foxconn show a code name for an “upgraded” iPhone XS -apparently referring to the new version as simply “XS Max.”

Just like with last year’s model, it seems as if this year’s iPhone 13 mobile features will be very similar to the previous year’s model (with some notable exceptions). That should mean another notch design and Face ID camera -and other than those changes, plus possible new colors, it’s likely that the new iPhone XS will look very much like your current iPhone. And given how successful Apple was with its pricing strategy last year (for the first time ever-increasing prices on iPhones), there’s also a good chance that they’ll be raising the price on their flagship model once again.

What don’t we know: What is different about this year’s “XS” upgrade? It seems as if Apple has gotten rid of the gold color option altogether (with no rose gold to take its place), and rumors suggest that there will be a larger version of the phone -similar to what Samsung did earlier this year with its Galaxy S10+. However, unlike Samsung, it appears that Apple won’t be releasing two models at the same time. So if there is to be a Plus-sized XS model, it will likely come out sometime later this year (perhaps after Apple releases the second -more affordable- version of the iPhone 13 mobile features that they’ve announced for this year’s lineup).

What we can expect: It seems as if Apple has decided to give its flagship mobile features another modest update (much like last year ). That means your current iPhone X should continue to work just fine for at least another year. The new “leaked” model numbers show that Apple is changing up some things -such as making 32 GB standard on all models and offering other options such as 256 (which was previously only available on the more expensive XS Max). Last year, Apple also released two different size models for their iPhone X -and it’s possible that they will do the same this year; however, there seems to be more of a chance that they’ll be releasing one larger model (a little like what Samsung did with its Galaxy S10+ earlier this year) and calling it “XS Max.” But we’ll have to wait and see.

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