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21 Simple & Pretty Look Angel Halloween Makeup Ideas

July 29, 2016

Angel look is the most innocent look for the Halloween occasion. To put on the angelic look is not a difficult task at all. It does not require a lot of make. It the easiest look one can choose for even at the last minutes. Basically angel Halloween Makeup does not ask for a lot shades, thick liners or any bright make. It is really simple.

First of all what you have to do is to smear some matte nude shade on your eyes as a base, apply some light brown shade on the crease of your eyes. Now put some golden brown shade at the base of the crease with the help of the brush. Golden brown shade is little darker than the light brown shade which we used earlier, now apply the frosty beige color shade on your eyelids up to the crease, now its turn to highlight your inner eye corners. For this purpose dazzle light eye shadow can be used, apply this shade with the help of a brush neatly, now put the fake eyelashes to double up the affect.

For Halloween you can put fake as much as want because no one mind that. Now spread on the concealer just under the eyes in triangular shape and blend it out with your brush. Now you need to highlight your face, apply little bit of the yellow highlighter on your forehead, on the chin, on the nose and under the eyes, now what you have to next is the blending. Yes, blend this highlighter with the help of the brush, now we are going to use more highlighter. This time it is shiny cream highlighter.

You can use liquid highlighter too. This highlighter give crazy touch to your look. Apply this highlighter on your cheek bone, on the hollow temple and little above the brows. Make sure it should be even, apply little above the upper lip, bridge of the nose and on the chin. Tap some powder highlighter on the areas where you applied the creamy highlighter before, now contour your face with the shade little bit darker than your skin. Try to keep this make natural as the angel look demands it.

If you think your face is looking little bit shinier then you can lessen it by using any powder and tap on the areas where need. More shiny appearance can make your face look sweaty, now put on some light brown shade right under your eyes along the lower eyelashes. Put on light coat of mascara on your eyelashes. It is time for lips now, apply the coat of peach nude color lipstick on your lips. After doing this put on the gold luster gloss on the lips.

Your makeup is done. It will give totally innocent soft look. Put on your costume and fury wing, now all you need is to put smile on your face. Enjoy your angel Halloween look.

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