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At Home Abroad: 5 Striking Travel Themed Decor Ideas

February 21, 2020

Looking for a way to satisfy your wanderlust without leaving your living room? Here are five gorgeous travel themed decor ideas to inspire you.

Travel themed decor gives your home a beautiful look while sharing your love of visiting new places.

A travel themed room makes you feel like you’re on vacation even when you can’t leave behind the responsibilities of daily life.

Check out these five travel decor ideas for your home.

1. Pieces From Other Countries

Give a subtle nod to your favorite locations around the world with decorative pieces from those countries. Textiles from other countries work well as soft focal points in your room while giving your room a worldly look.

You might use antique kazak rugs on your floors. Tapestries from other countries add a soft, eclectic touch to your walls.

These pieces add a subtle travel theme to your room by pulling in themes and designs from other parts of the world.

2. Personal Travel Photos

Instead of generic travel art on your walls, use your personal vacation photos as wall decor. If you love the photos the way they are, have them printed in larger sizes. You can also edit the photos to add special effects for a more artistic look.

Many photo printing websites offer a variety of formats for printing your images beyond photos that you frame. Choose formats that fit your style.

Options that are often available include printing the photos on canvas, metal, tile, acrylic, and glass. You can also get the images printed onto throw blankets and pillows.

3. Vintage Suitcases and Travel Items

Introduce a more obvious travel theme by using vintage suitcases in your decor. If you already have vintage suitcases on hand, stack them creatively in your room.

You can also find decor pieces designed to look like vintage suitcases. This might include tables, shelves, and other decor pieces. This option works well if you don’t have access to actual vintage suitcases.

Other vintage-style travel accessories also work well. Things such as binoculars or old cameras work well.

4. Maps

Large-scale maps make impressive wall decor options in a travel-themed room. If you’re imagining the brightly colored maps displayed in classrooms, you’ll be happy to know you can find many attractive map options these days.

Look for a color scheme that fits the rest of your room. You can find subtle and decorative map options to fit your tastes.

Choose a world map, or focus on a specific country or region, depending on the look you want.

Personalize it by marking places you’ve traveled on the map. You can also get scratch-off maps that let you mark the places you’ve been.

If you’re looking for a tabletop option, look or a decorative globe.

5. Souvenirs

Another way to personalize the travel theme is with souvenirs you’ve collected from past trips. When you travel, focus on picking one decor piece or souvenir that will look beautiful on display.

A handcrafted decor piece from your destination gives you an authentic reminder of the destination. Those pieces also look better on display than generic travel souvenirs with the location stamped onto them.

Mix the souvenirs into the decor around the room instead of having it all displayed on one shelf.

Choose Travel Themed Decor

The best travel themed decor fits your personal style and travel habits. Adding personalized touches makes your space even more special. Browse the archives for more home ideas.

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