Automatic Cable Crimping Machine

February 13, 2020

Wire orcable crimping process is a vital aspect of wire harness production which is dependent on the effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of a wire crimping machine. These wire crimping machines are available in the markets in varying types and configurations; some are automatically operated while others are manual. The automatic wire or cable crimping machine is mostly used for the production of large number of units and it is the best equipment suitable for assisting original equipment manufacturers (OEM) meet the expected quality standards, for example SAE AS7928 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards for wire or cable crimping. There are different types of automatic cable or wire crimping machine in terms of the level of automation. Some of them are

  • Semi-automatic cable crimping machine
  • Fully automatic cable crimping machine
  • Computer-controlled cable or wire crimping machine

There are certain things that are crucial to producing the required type of wire or cable using an automatic cable crimping machine. You need to consider certain factors before deciding which automatic cable crimping machine to use. These factors include;

  • Production Volume: It is necessary to understand the volume of production the automatic wire or cable crimping machine can handle. This helps the manufacturer to select the appropriate wire crimping machine for the desired work, based on the analysis of the specifications of the types of automatic cable or wire crimping machine. You can also visit various firms such as Cheers Electronics to help you choose the right crimping machine.
  • Future applications of the machine: There are great number of innovations introduced to different industries such as aerospace, military, and automobile, and this influences the desired wire harness of a customer. Hence, it is important that when choosing an automatic cable crimping machine, you also consider how flexible the machine can be to accommodate these new requirements. This determines the long term operations of an OEM.

Product Quality and performance: In choosing your automatic cable crimping machine, it is recommended that you access the specifications of different machines by various manufacturers from the information sheets that can be accessed from the manufacturer’s website. You can also go through reviews of those that have purchased and used such machines to know more about them. It is also important to choose a manufacturer that offer maintenance for the purchase automatic cable crimping machines, for example, at Cheers Electronics, click here, we provide maintenance of your automatic crimping machines.

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