Being Part of Interracial Couples – Facts and Things to Know

October 5, 2018
Interracial Couples

It may seem like most people simply get with someone who is of the same race as they are, but this is far from the case. More and more people are realizing that love does not have to be limited by silly things like skin color or national origin. Over the years, this increase has begun to accelerate.

More Than Ever Before

A lot of people are part of interracial couples. In fact, there were 11 million of these types of couples in 2015. This has gone up tremendously over the decades since people are now able to get equal jobs and live wherever they want without redlining. More people each year decide that merely dating within their own race is too limiting.

As time goes on, and more people get wise to how great it is to date someone from another cultural tradition, the numbers are likely to go up even further. Dating your own race exclusively is just absurd.

Learning All About Each Other

Learning All About Each Other
When you only date people who are the same race as you are, it can get very easy to get to know someone. The fact that you come from the same culture and have many of the same expectations built right it means that, rather like decoders from Cracker Jack boxes, you can look right past the socialization to begin getting to know the person.

Of course, this can lead to “knowing” that the person is not right for you right from the beginning and merely dismissing them as a potential mate. The fact that you have the same cultural traditions means that you can immediately get to know the person, which takes away a portion of the mystery. In some cases, this might even lead to dismissing an otherwise great mate too soon.

But when you do not know the other person’s culture, there is a lot to be said for the level of mystery that this creates. You do not understand why they do and say some of the things they do. You may even have to do some research into their culture to begin to understand what they are getting at. This can actually be very fun in itself.

Taking Nothing for Granted

Taking Nothing for Granted
People are people, and there are some universals to being alive anywhere in the world. However, there are plenty of things that are far from universal. You can do research all day, but this will not tell you the beliefs that an individual and their family have. Actually asking the person can go a long way, both in understanding their culture and determining whether this person is really for you.

The process of getting to know people better in spite of race never really ends, but you can get a leg up. You can learn all about interracial couples – facts and things to know online. There is a robust community of people who realize that love does not have anything to do with your or your partner’s race.

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