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Best Late Night Delivery Options

November 15, 2019

Picture this: it’s late, and you’re hungry. Should you go out? Maybe, but by the time you get anywhere, it will be even later, and you will be even hungrier. Should you dirty every pan in the house and cook something wonderful? Well, probably, but sometimes it’s nice to have the luxury of getting hot, fresh, delicious food delivered straight to your door. It feels even more luxurious when it’s late at night and you don’t feel like getting dressed.

These days, it seems like you can open an app and get anything you want delivered in two taps. If you’re rich, you can probably have diamonds and caviar on your doorstep within the hour. The thing is, you don’t want diamonds for dinner. You just want the cheapest pizza specials around, right?

The Eternal Debate: Pizza or Chinese?

OK, so this debate goes back to when the only things you could get for takeout or delivery were pizza and Chinese food. However, they’re still the classics, and pizza wins 90 percent of the time because it’s the ultimate comfort food. Say you want pizza, but you want to shake things up a bit without getting too crazy: That’s the perfect night for a half pizza half sandwich hybrid. You can eat it with one hand without folding the slice first, and you don’t even need a fork. It’s like a dream come true.

Wait, you really wanted Chinese? If so, the first step to getting a good deal is to check the website or delivery app for coupons. Next, check the “specials” area of the menu, and, if you’re eating with friends, don’t overlook the “family style” meals.

You’ll need plates or bowls or something to divide up the food when you order it this way, but it may be a better deal. Also, you may all have to agree on the same type of rice (steamed or fried) and whether you want your chow mein noodles crispy or soft.

Keep Tabs on Your Food

You know how everything has tracking now? It’s true; tracking is not just for Amazon packages and official documents anymore. When you need to know how close your pizza – or sandwich – or whatever it is – is to arriving in your belly, just open the best pizza tracker, and it will tell you. Then you can gather all your friends and family (or, you know, just your plates and napkins) and get ready to feast.

If you ended up ordering Chinese, well, check the app for tracking ability. It may have it! Whatever you do, don’t forget to tip your driver and say thank you like the well-mannered late-night hungry person you are. Consider upping the percentage if it’s extremely late or if there is any sort of precipitation.

If a friend or a family member covered your share of dinner, pay up before you forget! There’s an app (or twenty) for that, too. Oh, remember to lock the door after the delivery person leaves and brush your teeth before you go to bed. All good things.

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