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Bring the Culture Home: The Top Souvenirs to Bring Home From Africa

July 20, 2020

Last year, more than 1 million people from around the world visited South Africa for work or leisure.

South Africa is one of the largest producers of minerals, has beautiful landscaping, and a unique culture.

There are many reasons to visit Africa. If you are planning a trip, make sure you don’t forget to grab a couple of items to remember it by.

Continue reading to discover some of the best souvenirs from South Africa that you can take home to remember the trip!

1. Rooibos Tea

Not all souvenirs need to be put into safekeeping. Some can be bought and enjoyed!

South Africa is known for its naturally sweet and antioxidant-rich rooibos tea. There are a variety of flavors that you can find. If you are wanting to splurge on yourself, without guilt, this is the way to do so. The more expensive options will come with elegant packaging. Making tea-drinking pleasant for anyone.

2. Beads

One of the most unique souvenirs from South Africa that you can buy is handmade beads.

No matter where you end up in Africa, you will likely find beautifully colored beads and jewelry. All of the beads are handmade and come from a variety of sources. Locals use these beads to decorate and celebrate. You can find bright colors in every sort of combination.

If you are in South Africa for an extended trip, you should consider getting bead lessons from someone!

3. Durban Spices

South African cuisine is often associated with spices such as cumin, curry, and fennel.

Tumeric, ginger, and allspice are other spices popular in this area. If you are a foodie, looking to bring a unique souvenir home, spice stores are where you should look. There is a city in South Africa called Durban that is known for having a variety of delicious curry powders.

Bazaars and markets have an abundance of spices to choose from. There is an entire cuisine waiting to be discovered!

4. Beautiful Baskets

If you are heading to South Africa and want to bring back a beautiful item, hand woven baskets are a perfect choice.

People in South Africa use these baskets for decorating inside and outside of their homes. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Baskets can be used for storage, decoration, and more.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and look at all of your options. Depending on the seller that you go to, you may be able to get more intricate designs.

5. A Leather Bag

Leather bags are one of the best souvenirs from South Africa.

Designers from this area have perfected the art of leather handbags and can give you a unique one to carry. They typically use ostrich leather to create purses, wallets, and backpacks. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also durable and reasonably priced.

If you are looking for a popular brand to trust, the Missibaba is an excellent choice.

Look for These Souvenirs From South Africa

Whether you are going to South Africa for work or to explore at your leisure, you can always find something to bring home.

There are a variety of souvenirs from South Africa that support local culture and businesses. Popular items that people want to take home are uniquely designed baskets and beaded jewelry. You can also find leather bags that will catch the eye of everyone walking by.

Be sure to check out our blog for further articles about traveling to South Africa and more!

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