California Road Rules for Tourists

January 29, 2019

Before you start your journey on your road trip, you will want to review the rules and regulations for driving in California. This article will provide some guidance to prepare you for your vacation when renting an exotic car from a luxury car rental firm in Los Angeles.

Observing the Speed Limits of California

California has a “Basic Speed Law” This is the standard all drivers must follow. What this means is that a driver should never drive faster than current safe driving conditions. Regardless of the posted speed limit, your driving should depend on:

  • Current weather conditions
  • Pedestrians
  • State of the road – such as uneven pavement or narrowness.
  • The speed of other drivers on the road

The maximum speed limit on most highways in California is 65 mph unless posted. Two-lane undivided highways are 55 mph. Minimum speed law requires that all drivers use the posted speed limit and not drive excessively slow as to impede traffic. The best way to drive safely on the highway is to follow the speed laws.

Drivers that do not follow California’s “Basic Speed Law” may receive citations and fines.

Map to Road Rules – California

Basic rules and regulations to remember before renting an exotic car in Los Angeles.

  • Pedestrians always have the right-of-way. You must stop to let a person cross the street. If a person is hit while walking on a road, the driver is responsible.
  • Parking in LA is limited. You must pay to park in most places. Pay stations are usually available. There is a time limit to park. Establishments such as theme parks, hotels, and shopping plazas have their own parking regulations.
  • Seat belts laws require all occupants in a vehicle to wear their seat belt. Children that are 8 and younger must wear a child safety belt.
  • It is against the law to text, read, or write on an electronic device while driving.
  • California law requires all motor vehicle drivers to possess a driver’s license and car insurance coverage.
  • When a car accident occurs, you must offer help. Call 911, report an accident or a person driving unsafely.
  • At four-way stops the person to the right has the right-of-way.
  • There are red light cameras in L.A. You must stop before the light turns red. If you go through a stop light, you will receive a citation.
  • To operate a motor vehicle in California, you must have a valid driver’s license and car insurance.

Renting a car is when vacationing in L.A. is the quickest way to get around the city. Don’t forget to utilize your smartphone apps for parking and locating other amenities. You will need to pay for parking in most places, so it’s better to book ahead of time. Safety is always the primary concern when renting a luxury car in Los Angeles!

Travel by Luxury Car Rental – Los Angeles

It’s essential to learn California’s rules and regulations before touring Los Angeles. The best way to see California is to travel the scenic highways via a luxury car. You can spend time taking in all the beautiful, spectacular views on your road trip.

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