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Cannabis Pro-Tips: Ways to Properly Store Marijuana for Freshness

August 20, 2020

Marijuana lasts for a long time as long as you store it appropriately. The long-term storage methods for marijuana are very straight forward. If you follow the guidance accordingly, there’s no way your products will go bad within a short time. Even though the basic storage techniques are simple, the guidelines can differ based on your geographical location, personal budget, and even your lifestyle.

Here are some top tips on how to store marijuana for a long time and maintain its freshness.

Do Not Use Plastic Bags

It’s a bad idea to use plastic bags to store marijuana. If you do so, you risk breaking your flowers into tiny pieces. In addition to that, the potency of the products will decrease since the trichomes they contain will be removed.

Plastic bags are simply a bad storage choice for marijuana. When you store herbs for a long time using plastic bags, their original taste will also be greatly affected. Aside from their ability to reduce the potency of your products, plastic bags also lack good aesthetics.

Glass is a Better Option for Keeping Marijuana

A small glass jar can be the best storage solution for your marijuana. The advantage of using glass jars for marijuana storage is that they keep the product fresh and clean. Your marijuana will stay physically and chemically consistent since excess oxygen will not find its way into the container.

By keeping your products in a jar, you’re shielding them from the hazards of the external environment. As a result, you will be able to stop any stuff from getting in or out of the container. Marijuana, once kept in a jar, will stay the same until the day when you open it again and oxygen comes into contact with it.

Glass storage is one of the best storage solutions for marijuana because the products will also maintain their scent throughout their storage.

Store Them in a Cool Dark Place

Glass may be the perfect method for keeping marijuana but it also has a downside. For example, since glass is transparent, it allows light to pass through it, and that can eventually damage your valuable marijuana. To solve this problem, you need to store the glass in a dark location. This means that a cardboard box or a safety drawer can serve as a cool & dark area for storing marijuana inside sealed glass jars.

The reason why the area should be cool is that too much heat from the sun will cause your products to “sweat”, and that can contribute to their spoilage.

Optimum Temperature and Humidity Conditions

According to an expert’s opinion, you are advised to store your buds at a temperature of under 70 degrees. At higher temperatures (beyond 70 degrees), mold may start to grow and that will certainly be bad news for the quality of your marijuana.

Humidity (wetness or dampness of the air) is another major factor that can affect the overall quality of the product. Even though controlling humidity can be difficult, storing your marijuana at around 60% relative humidity is a good idea. If you go beyond 65% humidity, your products may be in trouble.

Store Different Strains Separately

For those who intend to store different varieties (strains) of marijuana, it’s important to store them in different containers. Each marijuana strain has distinct properties. So, if you mix them up you risk jeopardizing that uniqueness.

Don’t Use a Fridge or Freezer

Do not keep marijuana in refrigerators because the rapid fluctuations in temperature and humidity can destroy your products. If you freeze it, your weed will become brittle, meaning the trichomes will also break.

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