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Decorating Your Tiny House? Follow These Dos and Don’ts!

October 30, 2019

If you are someone who lives downtown, chances are that you probably live in a tiny apartment. Even if you live on the suburban or country side, you may not be able to afford a rather large house.

But you do not need to lose heart over having a tiny house. That miniature home can be transformed into such a beauty that every person who lays sight over it would be astounded by its magnificence.

You just need to make a few efforts, and witness the change for yourself!

The Smallest Change Can Make a Difference – Dos and Don’ts for Decorating Your Tiny House

Many people are confused as to how they can make their tiny house appear attractive. While you can check out some houses at Fox Tiny Homes to get an idea, here we have outlined some Dos and Don’ts which will help you beautifying it!

1. DO Purchase less items and furniture

You must have heard the phrase, “less is more”. This is true in the case of tiny homes. The fewer items you keep in your tiny house, the more spacious and hence attractive it would look.
This advice is also beneficial if you already cannot afford to buy more items which might not even prove useful in the future.

2. DON’T Fill up your tiny house

Nobody would like to suffocate themselves in a tiny house especially if they are claustrophic. Remove all items that you don’t find necessary. Even messed up items can take up a lot of space, therefore causing the room to appear all filled-up!

Clean up your house to see what items are necessary for you to keep, and please discard away all useless items.

3. DO Make use of lighter colors

Making use of lighter colors does not apply only to wall paint, but your furniture and other accessories as well. Your sofas, carpets etc. should belong to a lighter color palette which emits a soothing radiance.

Lighter shades of even your favourite dark colour can still give the room a pleasant feel, and even help in accessorizing.

4. DON’T Darken the environment

Shutting the windows close and using darker colors for wall paint as well as other equipment can give a rather suffocating feel to your tiny house. The house which is already small in size would appear to have been further minimized.

Let the sunlight and fresh air seep into your house through the windows, and let it breathe!

5. DO Consider using the vertical space

You do not have to decorate your tiny house in a horizontal form. You can use the small spaces such as the roof of your cupboard for keeping a few items.

6. DON’T Use separate items for everything

Many furniture items can perform double functions such as a cabinet which has a shoe rack built in it. By using such items, you can save up on lots of space and money as well!

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