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Design Your Walls with Canvas Print Photos

October 5, 2019

If you’re from Canada, then you know that canvas prints used as wall décor is the current trend. These are not only focused on original paintings but also for sentimental and personal pieces.

According to a report by ResearchAndMarkets.com, the U.S., along with North American countries like Canada, will record a CAGR of almost nine percent by 2023 in the wall décor market.

Usually, these canvas prints are seen hanging on walls with shades of Antique White, Candlelight Yellow, and Classic Burgundy, which are among the most popular paint colors in the Canadian market.

With canvas prints Canada, you can upload your photo directly from your mobile phones, computers, or laptops and choose the size you want so you could display them as big as you want on your walls. It’s surely an eye-catching piece as most photos look good on printed canvas.

What is canvas prints?

Canvas prints are your personal or your loved one’s photos printed on canvas and framed as a decoration on your walls. The reasons to print your photos on canvas are limitless, but below are just a few reasons.

Why should I go for canvas prints?

If you see yourself staring at a blank white wall, thinking, “What could I do to turn this boring space into something more exciting?” It’s suggested to go for canvas prints in Canada. Here are some reasons to use them as wall decors:


These prints have a classy look to them, which can give your space a more professional look. Most canvas prints look like paintings, and it could be a good conversation starter once you invite your guests over to your house.


Though they look expensive, they are affordable. There are two types of fabrics that you could choose from when it comes to printing; one is cotton, and the other one is polyester. The latter is considered the cheaper one when it comes to fabrics.


Given the fact that you could also choose a memorable moment as an art decor for your wall or space, it could be given as a gift to your loved ones or simply as an heirloom masterpiece to your family because canvas prints are permanent. It’s also one of the reasons why most people like to turn their photos into canvas printing. It’s usually made with a sturdy material that can last for a long period of time.

Easy to Clean

You may be thinking that since it’s going to be a valuable piece in your home, you have to take a lot of your time cleaning it for it to last. Well, then you’re lucky because It is easy to clean. It comes with a water-resistant coating that prevents dust and harmful UV rays in damaging your prints. All you need to do is wipe it with a lightly damp cloth to remove the dust, and it’s good as new once again.

Easy to Frame

In setting up your masterpiece, you don’t have to go the extra mile to frame it beautifully. All you need to do is put an additional border around the image, and you can choose if you want it on your table or on your wall. Simply put a hook at the back of your canvas if you wish to hang it. That isn’t so hard to do.

Taking precious moments has been made easier and cheaper, especially now that we have advanced technologies. With photos printed on canvas, you can turn photographs into a beautiful piece of decoration for your home. From being plain to something exciting that is also promised to last for an extended time. Now you can easily decorate your home and personalize each space with photos on canvas.

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