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Discover Why Roaches May Be A Top Reason For Allergies This Season

December 10, 2021

It is estimated that 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year and that the cost associated with this chronic illness is in excess of $18 billion! The worst time of year tends to be in the late spring which is why many people assume the biggest issue is pollen. However, allergies are much more likely to be caused by things closer to home.

It’s time you contacted your local pest control experts to have them check your home. You can find out more info about them here. 

The Problem With Roaches

Cockroaches have been on the planet for billions of years and seem to be especially well adapted to survive, regardless of what the planet throws at them. 

Cockroaches inside your home are not a pleasant sight. However, you have to consider where the cockroach has been. They eat almost anything and walk through decaying food, feces, and all sorts of other substances. All of these compounds contain bacteria that attach themselves to the outside of the cockroach and can then be deposited anywhere they walk.

This creates the potential for disease and a great reason to look for pest control near me.

Alongside this, cockroaches shed parts of themselves and they leave deposits of saliva and feces everywhere they go. These compounds can then be distributed into the air in the same way that fur and dead skin from your pets is. 

You then breathe in the deposits left by the cockroaches as well as your pets. This causes the allergic reactions that you often attribute to other issues. Of course, you need to suffer from allergies for this to matter. 

Confirming The Roach Allergy

To check whether you have a roach allergy simply visit your doctor and tell them of your concerns They will usually do a skin test. This involves applying a diluted allergen to your skin and waiting for fifteen minutes to see if there is a reaction. 

If there is, you have allergies and they are likely to prescribe or recommend medication to help de-sensitize yourself to roaches.

Preventing Roaches

The easiest way to avoid this being an issue or a trigger for your allergies is to keep the roaches out of your home. The following steps can help:

Keep It Clean

Cockroaches, like so many pests, are looking for food and water. They are attracted to the crumbs and debris that are left behind when you prepare a meal. They are inconsequential to you but can be an entire meal for a cockroach. 

Cleaning floors and surfaces regularly will help to reduce attractiveness. 

Seal Food Containers

If you have open packets of food then put them inside a container and seal it shut. This ensures the roaches can’t smell or get to the food. 

Skip The Clutter

Clutter in your house, specifically piles of books or other items, gives the cockroaches the perfect place to hide and then forage from. Clear the clutter and the roaches won’t have anywhere to hide, making your home less appealing to them.

Have Regular Checks

Don’t forget o get the experts to check your house regularly. They can identify any issues and eliminate them for you before they become a problem.

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