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Doctors Guide to Non Prescription Ed Pills Penis Pills What Can I Get Over The Counter For Erectile Dysfunction

January 27, 2021

Over-the-counter drugs are used for a broad spectrum of illnesses, such as chronic colds and sore throats. Usually they are easy to obtain and affordable, and what about over-the-counter erectile dysfunction treatments and supplements? If you have serious ED disorder and you are in the decision of prescription vs otc ed pills then read on.

 OTC ED medication

Over-the-counter supplements are not controlled under the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Many of these items contain additional compounds, some of which have not been evaluated. It is necessary to note that even though the items are described as “natural” or “herbal remedies” on the bottle, that does not mean they are healthy. Health statements like these are not tightly controlled and there is no official FDA-approved description or condition. When it comes to over-the-counter male enhancement supplements, the dangers are just too high to warrant a cheaper price tag relative to a prescription ED medicine.

The FDA released an alert for certain kinds of over-the-counter ED supplements. The concern is the purity and safety of the ingredients. For eg, Man Up Now is produced from Sulfoaildenafil, a chemical close to the active ingredient in Viagra, Sildenafil. While identical in chemical composition, Sulfoaildenafil has not received the same degree of clinical research as Sildenafil and has the ability to cause significant drug interactions. The FDA recommended that the makers of Mr. Magic Male Enhancer withdraw the substance since the two primary ingredients (Hydroxyhomosildenafil and Sulfoaildenafil) were not listed in the list of ingredients.

What are you going to try instead?

If you are worried about the nature or extent of your erectile problems, the first move should be to talk to a specialist who specializes in erectile dysfunction. With the aid of your doctor, you will recognize the root cause of your ED and decide the appropriate course of action. In situations where vascular disorders or other health problems are at fault, care such as Wave Therapy or erectile dysfunction drugs might be the only choice. If you want to take ED medicine, there are many choices for Victory Men’s Wellbeing to choose from.

With a prescription from one of our healthcare professionals, you should try Sildenafil (Viagra) Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardinafil (Levitra) or Sildenafil and Tadalafil Combination Tablets. Some of these medications are designed for everyday usage to enhance long-term erectile function, and some are intended for use as desired. ED medications often come in a variety of varying doses.

Are there a lot of men battling from ED?

Since ED is such a common problem for men of all ages, it is no surprise why there are too many medicines and supplements out there to manage it – both pharmaceutical and over-the-counter. Unfortunately, not all ED medicines are developed on an equal basis and not all are successful. Over-the-counter ED medications might sound like an inexpensive and safe alternative to prescription drugs, but there is no concrete data to show that any of these items are successful. You must also recognize the dangers of consuming a supplement manufactured from products that have not been checked or licensed.

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