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Effective Tips to Enhance your Hair Beauty

April 4, 2019

Watching Disney princess, you would always wonder what it takes to create such impeccable hairstyles. They simply look mesmerizing and your eyes wander around their lovely hair. Thick, bouncy, shiny, healthy pulled back to amazing and beautiful hairdo. Knowing these hairdos is a plus point but what’s more important is to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Here are some healthy hair beauty tips that will make your hair shiny, long and lustrous like these Disney princesses.

Protect your Hair

No matter what, protect your hair from rain, wind and sun. Exposure to pollution, extreme weather adds to your present hair woes. They enhance dirt build up, dry your hair and scalp and increase chances of infection. Always cover your hair.

Manage wet hair carefully

Wet hair is highly fragile and susceptible to breakage. The roots and shaft are weak when wet. Do not be too harsh while shampooing or conditioning. Avoid brushing immediately after shower.

Condition regularly

Make use of moisturizing conditioner after washing your hair every time. Do not give it a miss. It makes your hair frizzy. And make sure you condition it in the right way. Conditioners aren’t meant for scalp. Condition about 2 -inches above from the scalp. Conditioning your scalp will make it excessively oily.

Use shampoo and conditioner of same line

Select a shampoo and conditioner from the same line to get similar formulation and better results for your hair. Being made of similar formulation, it will enhance your hair quality.

Do not overheat your hair

Styling is very important but you should avoid using too much heat on your hair. Get best curling iron that doesn’t absorb all the moisture content from your hair and makes it look frizzy. Use good quality curling iron along with hair protectant for better results.

Avoid tying your hair too tight

Do not tie your hair super tightly, rather go for scrunches. Tightening hair can pull your hair back and increase friction. It can lead to breakage.

Don’t braid tightly while sleeping at night

At night, you should go for loose braids to avoid frizzy mess. Going for a side braid is a good option. Open hair may create knots which may make you pull and brush forcefully in the morning. Thus, make loose side braids for healthy frizz-free hair in the morning.

Use satin pillow covers

Sleeping on satin pillow covers lessens hair breakage because of low friction. Cotton or any other fabric may be rough on your hair and lead to more friction.

Dry your hair carefully

When you are drying your hair after shower, do not extra rub. You may want to dry your hair faster, but rubbing it with a towel makes double your hair breaks and falls.

Oiling is very important for health hair

Oil frequently and use a gentle shampoo to wipe it clean. Oiling your scalp is very nutritious for your hair. But, don’t overdo it.

Go for suitable hair masks

Applying hair masks periodically enhances the health of your hair. However, you should know what your hair type is and then choose the right mask for it.

With these hair beauty tips, you can enhance the look and quality of your hair and make it just like Disney princess.

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