Excellent Jewellery Investments For 2021

February 19, 2021

Jewellery can be an excellent investment if you are willing to sit on it and wait for its value to increase, and many people are investing in jewellery in 2021. There are lots of different types of jewellery that can make for a wise investment, and if you search hard enough, you may be able to find an excellent investment opportunity. Below are some things you may wish to consider purchasing for your jewellery investment which could pay back significant dividends.

Vintage Rings

There has been a growing market for vintage rings for many years, and it looks like the demand is not stopping any time soon. You can often pick this type of jewellery up in various places, including antique stores, jewellery stores, online auctions, and even social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. You may even inherit a vintage ring that could be worth a small fortune, depending on what materials it is made from and the quality of the piece. 

Saltwater Pearls

Something else that is seeing an increase in popularity and may be an excellent investment opportunity is natural saltwater pearls. Natural pearls are rare, and they can also be hard to find, with only 1 in 10,000 oysters having a pearl good enough and suitable for jewellery. If you invest in natural saltwater pearl jewellery, you will see the item’s value rise yearly, which could see you getting excellent returns when you are ready to sell it.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are highly sought after, and since the Argyle mine in Australia closed in 2020, there is less supply, meaning demand is getting higher. You can buy loose Argyle pink diamonds from a few reputable dealers, and it is best to invest sooner rather than later as the price is set to increase with demand rising. You can purchase pink diamond jewellery or invest in loose diamonds which will be much easier to sell when you wish to liquidate your investment.

Untreated Rubies From Myanmar

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is rich in high-quality rubies and is the source for many quality gemstones that you see in the jewellery market. Many gems are treated before being used in jewellery, but the demand is for untreated gems that will increase in value over the coming years.

Gold Jewellery

The price of gold skyrocketed in 2020, making gold jewellery an excellent investment, especially if you purchased it before the prices went up. The higher the gold jewellery’s purity, the more it is worth, so choosing to invest in gold jewellery can be lucrative if you are looking to invest for the long term.

Invest For The Long Term

When you are looking to invest in jewellery, you should be looking at it as a long-term investment that you are willing to sit on. The price of precious metals and gemstones does go up and down, but historically over time, the value increases. You will need to be willing to sit on your investment and let the value increase before you look to liquidate it and turn it into cash. The longer you leave it, the more it will be worth.

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