Eye Don’t Mind Plastic: Making the Case for Plastic Frames

April 28, 2020

Over 60% of Americans wear some type of corrective lens to help improve their vision.

With so many people needing glasses the options for frames and lenses has increased dramatically as well. All of these options really allow you to customize your glasses experience and get exactly what you want.

When choosing a new pair of glasses, one of the most important things to look at first is the materials they are made of. Plastic frames
just may be the right fit for you.

Read on to learn more about the versatility of plastic eyewear.

Benefits of Plastic Frames

Plastic is one of the most universal materials. It can be used in such a variety of ways. And the glasses made from it are no different.
One of the biggest benefits of going with a plastic frame is that you can get them in literally any color of the rainbow. Since glasses are worn every day, you want to be really happy with the way they look. Plastic allows you to get a really custom look easily.

Plastic even allows you to have transparent frames, which is becoming a very popular style.

The comfort level of plastic frames is also very high. Depending on the exact type of plastic used, they can be extremely lightweight. Your ears and nose won’t be aching after a day of wearing them.

Other materials used for glasses can breakdown over time after repeated use. This can happen because of the chemicals in sweat causing

Along with not corroding, the plastic used for glasses is also hypoallergenic. This means that they will cause no irritation to the skin as they are worn. This is huge for those with very sensitive skin.

The plastic used for glasses is also a fairly inexpensive product and makes the overall cost of glasses decrease. That can be a huge benefit for people who have to buy multiple pairs for their family.

There is a huge variety of options for types of glasses, even within the plastic frames. But with all of the benefits, it is likely a very good fit for your needs.

Plastic Vs Metal Eyeglass Frames

For a long time, all glasses were made from metal frames. This makes sense because metal is strong and durable. It was also the most widely available for along time.

But now there are more materials readily available with similar (and some better) properties. There has been a big shift towards plastic frames being more popular recently.

Metal was the most popular choice mainly because of their low likeliness to break, especially during rigorous activities.

Now certain kinds of plastic are suggested as the better option in many situations, like during sports. Plastic has more flexible properties that make them a better choice for some of these activities because they can bend with the face to some degree.

Plastic is often seen as more malleable than metal as well. So this means that they can be all different shapes. It’s also a little easier to adjust the frames for a perfect, comfortable fit.

The overall look and design of eyeglass frames is very important. Many people find that it is easier to find a frame design they like in a plastic material because the options are so varied.

There are several reasons why metal has dominated the glasses industry for so long. The more that technology has developed, the more plastic has become a front-runner choice.

The benefits of choosing a plastic over metal are great and continue to increase as plastic is improved and refined.

Plastic Frames Options

Once you have decided that you want your frames to be made of plastic, the real fun begins!

The choices for plastic eyeglass frames are almost endless. You should be able to find any shape and color you could want. Otis and Piper glasses have a ton of great options to fit any style.

But there is one other choice you’ll have to make; the type of plastic used. Plastic used for glasses comes in many forms with different characteristics to fit different needs.

Nylon is used mainly for performance eyewear. These are the frames worn by athletes and people doing physical activities. This type of plastic is more flexible than others, which is why it is chosen for wrap-around styles.

Zyl is the type of plastic used to create bright, vibrant colors popular on frames today. It’s extremely lightweight, so it can be layered together for a fun effect.

Propionate is another very lightweight option but it also has a transparent characteristic. These clear frames are becoming very popular today as well.

Kevlar is a less-commonly used type of plastic for glasses. But it can be found in many sports glasses because of its durability. This is also a good choice for kids who may not be as responsible or careful with their frames.

Optyle is another very strong plastic that is occasionally used for extra-durable frames.

There are almost as many types of plastics to make frames as there are styles of frames. They each do the same job but have unique properties to meet your specific needs.

Best Choice for You

Picking the right glasses for you is an important job. They are an investment and important for your health and safety. You want to pick the best ones!

With more than 4 million people who have visual impairments, the options for eyewear have come a long way!

Plastic frames offer both function and style. This material is strong and durable. But can be molded into any shape and design. It’s a great choice for your next pair of glasses.

If you want to learn about more current trends, check out our other articles!

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