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Flooring Trends For 2020

April 8, 2020

Updating your home, especially its interior, may only require a change in flooring, so before you decide to break down a wall or two, among many extreme home makeovers, you may want to consider if you only need a little upgrading on the flooring, as the type of flooring you use can make a huge impact on the look of your home.

Before deciding on the flooring to use, you may want to have a look at the hottest wood flooring this year. Check out this list and see if you find anything that fits your preference.

  • Cork Flooring – There is something special about cork flooring; it is both natural and has a high level of cushion, which makes it very comfortable to walk on. Cork comes in many shades of brown and some stunning finishes. By talking to your local flooring company, you can quickly determine the cost of such a floor in your home. It is suitable for all locations, and after the floor is installed, it is sealed with a special membrane that protects the surface. If you are eco-conscious, the cork is harvested every 9 years from sustainable sources and it has no chemicals or additives, and is 99% pure cork.
  • Engineered Timber – If you love the look and the feel of real timber, but do not wish to pay top-dollar prices, engineered flooring is the perfect solution. The very top layer is made from real timber – mainly oak, with a composite central core and a cork backing on the bottom, which does give the surface a softness one would not normally associate with solid timber. Why not check out the stunning engineered timber flooring Melbourne company Market Timbers offers.
  • Luxury Vinyl – It has been around for a few years and today it is one of the most popular choices for Australian homeowners, as it is very durable, inexpensive and comes in a range of very attractive finishes. If you have a limited budget, luxury vinyl tiles are an ideal choice, and this can be installed in every room. It is suitable for wet rooms also. Sourcing a nearby supplier of vinyl is easy with a Google search, plus the contractor would have an album full of images of previous projects, which might give you some inspiration.
  • Solid Wood – Yes, it is one of the most expensive of options, but it is still so popular all over Australia, with so many different timber species to choose from. Once the flooring is installed, sanded and sealed, you can expect to enjoy at least 25 years of comfort with your timber flooring. Of course, you might only wish to have a wooden floor in the lounge, and with a matching design in vinyl for both the kitchen and bathroom, you have a balanced look around the house. There are usually a few grades of timber, with the more expensive offering finer grain finishes, plus there are quite a few species to choose from, whether native or imported.

All of the above have many great attributes, and a lot depends on personal preference and, of course, your budget. Solid wood is hard to beat if you can afford it, and if you would rather spend more money on furnishings, you can choose either engineered timber or luxury vinyl. The best solution is to ask a local flooring company to send someone to your home, where you can view the various options and discuss prices. Whatever you decide, make sure that the flooring company are well-established and directly employ their installation teams, as this guarantees a first-class job.

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