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Hard Floor Care – Top Tips from the Professionals

December 6, 2023

The term ‘hard floor’ refers to solid hardwood, engineered timber, ceramic, vinyl and tiled flooring, which pretty much covers all forms of flooring with the exception of carpet. Floor maintenance is part and parcel of property ownership and in this short article, we offer a few tips on hard floor care from the experts.

  • Invest in a hard floor cleaner – The top Australian brand of hard floor cleaner is Hizero, which effortlessly cleans all types of hard flooring. The electric motor provides the power for the polymer rollers to sweep and mop at the same time and the unit plugs in and recharges. Own one of these and keeping your floors looking good is a joy!
  • Use a soft brush daily – While you won’t need to mop the kitchen floor every day, you do need to sweep often; small bits of debris can be walked and this can cause scratches to appear; sweeping into a dustpan removes grit, making it safe to mop.
  • Use rubber pads for heavy furniture – Regardless of the material, you should use rubber pads for heavy furniture, as these prevent scuffs. You can find them at any hardware store or order them online, which is super-easy. Do not drag items along the floor, always lift when relocating to avoid scuff marks.
  • Protective coatings – It is always a good idea to protect the floor surface with either wax or a varnish, which definitely prolongs the life of the floor. Hardwood floors require this every couple of years, you can re-sand for a make-over, while engineered timber only allows you to re-sand once, if at all. Ceramic flooring can also be protected (search the web for the best products), so can laminate and vinyl. Click here for a few ways to brighten up your home office.
  • Keep a mop handy – Liquid spills should be removed asap and a dry mop at arm’s reach makes sure spills are dealt with. The best way to mop is with hot water, some cleaning solution and rinse most out of the mop before applying to the floor, rinsing often to remove dirt. The kitchen is a high-traffic area that demands a good clean at the end of the day; power mops are available online.
  • Stone tile polishing – A granite floor should be cleaned and polished every year; a local contractor can quote for the project, which would take a couple of hours. Be careful with stone cleaning products and always read the label and application instructions. Regular mopping is advised with stone flooring and you should enjoy a lifetime of trouble-free flooring.

If you would like to learn more about hard floor cleaners, search online for a leading Australian supplier of the best machines that are cordless and bring out the best in your hard floors. This is one investment you will never regret and with a long product warranty, your floor care is taken care of.

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